Moretta Fenton Beall Reilly
Nickname:"Molly" Reilly
Birthdate: February 25, 1922
Birth Place: Lindsay, Ontario
Year Inducted: 1973
Death Date:November 24, 1980

"Her dedication to flight, her self-set demands for perfection, the outstanding abilities she has developed despite adversity, have made her a guiding light in aviation circles for others of her sex to follow and have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation.

Moretta Reilly played a tremendous role in opening up the aviation field for women. In 1942, she joined the RCAF (Women's Division) as a photographer, and served in Canada as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) until 1946. She earned licenses to fly several types of aircraft and spent much of her time instructing others. She later became chief instructor in 1954 with Canadian Aircraft Renters at Toronto, Ontario and earned a captain's promotion with Southern Provincial Airlines. In this position she participated in the development of the airline's highly regarded air ambulance service throughout eastern Canada. In 1959, Peter Bawden Drilling Services at Calgary, Alberta hired Reilly as the co-captain of a DC-3 operating in Canada's north. In this position she became the first to pilot the aircraft in extensive periods of darkness and extreme weather conditions, often without radio communications and navigation aids.

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