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What's New

Proactive Disclosure initiative at Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is proactively developing monthly summaries of completed Access to Information requests concerning LAC's own operational records as well as the Government of Canada's records of historical significance under LAC's custody and control. This information will be featured on LAC's website, in the Proactive Disclosure section (

In doing so, LAC is moving forward on the Government of Canada's announcement pertaining to Access to Information. Over the next few months, all federal departments and agencies subject to the Access to Information Act will be expected to move toward proactively posting summaries of completed Access to Information requests. One of the intentions of the Open Information initiative is having completed Access to Information requests posted online.

We are also concurrently continuing our Block Review process to proactively open records that are currently restricted. A "Block Review" consists of the systematic review of blocks, or series, of restricted government records in LAC's holdings using a risk-based approach in order to determine whether records can be opened for public access. This methodology involves identifying and examining representative parts of the record population as opposed to the traditional page-by-page review of each document in an archival container. The benefit of this process is that clients will have speedier access to records.

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