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Parking Changes at Library and Archives Canada

Over the past two years the Government of Canada has been reviewing its parking practices and has reached the conclusion that it is not part of the government's role to operate parking facilities. This decision was based in part from the need to ensure sound financial management as well as a more consistent and equitable approach to parking administration. The decision is supported by the Treasury Board Secretariat and applies to all government departments and agencies.

Library and Archives Canada has traditionally offered limited free parking to its visitors at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa. According to the new guidelines established by Public Works and Government Services Canada, Library and Archives Canada will no longer administer the parking lot at 395 Wellington Street.

Beginning July 1, 2011, the parking lot on the west side of 395 Wellington Street will be operated by IMPARK. People visiting 395 Wellington will pay market prices to park in the lot. At this time, rates have not been established; however they will conform to market rates.

We appreciate your understanding of this change as the government continues its work in ensuring that taxpayer dollars are used in the best way possible and for the benefit of all Canadians.