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Institutional Restrictions: Preservation

Unpublished Material

Some archival records have been withdrawn from circulation because of physical deterioration or concern for their preservation. In most cases, it is possible to access consultation copies of these records (microfilm, photographic copy negatives, VHS tapes, etc.). In some circumstances, special arrangements can be made to view original material which has been withdrawn from circulation, under the supervision of a Library and Archives Canada (LAC) staff member.

Published Material

In 1988, LAC set up an official Preservation Collection of Canada's literary and musical heritage. It comprises original copies of all Canadian published materials held by LAC and is a restricted use collection. See Preservation restrictions for published material -- More details.

Materials in this Collection are usually available for on-site consultation. LAC also collects second copies of most Canadian publications, which are available for on-site use or interlibrary and inter-institutional loans.