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Noteworthy Acquisitions

  • Ragueneau, Paul, 1608-1680. La vie de la mere Catherine de Saint Avgvstin, religievse hospitaliere de la Misericorde de Quebec en la Nouvelle-France. Paris: F. Lambert, 1671. With the rare engraved portrait.
  • Be it known unto all men by these presents, that I [blank] living in [blank] Newfound-Land, [blank] do owe and am indebted unto [blank] merchant in Boston in New-England, the sum of [blank] pounds [blank] sterling money of England, to be paid to the said [blank] his executors, administrators or assigns, at or before the [blank] day of [blank] next ensuing the date hereof…: in witness my hand, the [blank] day of [blank] 170[blank] [Boston: s.n., between 1700 and 1706] Printed promissory note for the use of Boston merchants and their Newfoundland creditors. Completed in manuscript for a debt of 12 Pounds 17 shillings owed by Henry Rix, "planter" of Newfoundland, to Boston merchant Samuel Lillie. Dated: 26 Oct. 1706.
  • Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Report relating to the finding a North-West Passage. [London: s.n., 1742]
  • Durell, Philip, 1707-1766. A Particular Account of the Taking Cape Breton From the French, by Admiral Warren, and Sir William Pepperell, the 17th of June. London: W. Bickerton, 1745.
  • Discours du Procureur Général en la Commission en présentant les arrêts du conseil & lettres-patentes concernant l'affaire du Canada à messieurs les officiers du Châtelet la compagnie assemblée, le 18 décembre, 1761. [Paris: s.n., 1761?]
  • Cro¨y, duc de, 1718-1784. Mémoire sur le passage par le nord: qui contient aussi des réflexions sur les glaces. Paris: Valade, 1782.
  • Upper Canada. President (1811-1812: Brock). Proclamation…: Whereas on the Seventeenth Day of June last, the Congress of the United States of America Declared, That War Then Existed Between Those States and Their Territories and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Dependencies Thereof: and Whereas in Pursuance of Such Declaration the Subjects of the United States Have Actually Committed Hostilities Against the Possessions of His Majesty… I Do Hereby Strictly Enjoin and Require All His Majesty's Liege Subjects to be Obedient to the Lawful Authorities…[York?, Upper Canada: s.n., 1812]
  • Schetky, John Christian, 1778-1874. A Series of Four Sketches, Illustrative of Various Situations of His Majesty's Ship Pique, on Her Homeward Voyage, From the Moment of Her Coming Off the Rocks on the Coast of Labrador, Until Her Being Docked at Portsmouth, in October, 1835: Drawn on Stone by J.C. Schetky, Marine Painter to His Majesty and the Royal Yacht Squadron. [London: s.n., 1835?] (Portsea, England]: Trives and Maynard)
  • Hill, John, fl. 1844. Yoedereanayeadagwha ne akonouhsakouh orhoekene nok yokarasneha kanyeakehaka kaweanoetaghkouh. Belleville, Canada West: Intelligencer Office, 1844.
  • Twenty-five rare juveniles and other works by Susanna Moodie, Catherine Parr Traill and Agnes Strickland.