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1826-1854, predominant 1840-1846

Lieu de création


1 album (54 watercolours, 51 drawings, 2 paintings) : 34.8 x 45.7 cm.

Portée et contenu

Album containing landscapes, portraits and genre works collected or executed by Viscountess Falkland either in England or during visits to Continental Europe, Nova Scotia, India, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East. The largest number of works are by or attributed to her; other artists include Mary McKie, Emma Haliburton, Ellen Nutting, and a Mr. Torre.

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Biographie / Histoire administrative

Amelia Fitz-Clarence (21 March 1807 – 2 July 1858) was born the youngest daughter of William IV of the United Kingdom and his mistress, the actress Dorothea Jordan. She married Lucius Cary, 10th Viscount Falkland in 1830, with whom she had one son, Lucius William Charles Frederick Cary, Master of Falkland (24 November 1831 – 6 August 1871). From 1840 to 1846, Viscountess Falkland lived in Nova Scotia with her husband as he fulfilled his duties as Lieutenant Governor of the province. Following Viscount Falkland's posting as captain of the Yeoman of the Guard from 1846-1848, the Viscountess travelled with him to his final post as Governor of Bombay, India, in 1848.

Vicountess Falkland died in London in 1858.


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1. 1990-207 DAP
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