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5 November [1838]


Gulf of St. Lawrence River

Lieu de création

Québec (Province)

1 watercolour; pencil and watercolour on wove paper, corners cut diagonally; 13x14.5 cm (image); 26x36 cm (folio)

Portée et contenu

A genre scene / marine scence depicting a Royal Navy rating facing the viewer with his hands in his pockets aboard the HMCS INCONSTANT. He is wearing a working rig including blue wide-legged, straight-cut trousers with a two-buttoned front and two front pleats. The legs are turned up at the bottom. He also wears a blue frock tucked into the trousers and a [round-cut] broad collar of a lighter blue, laid flat to the shoulders and decorated with one row of white tape. Under the broad collar is a red [scarf], the ends of which are joined at the front with a separate fastening, perhaps a lanyard. Under the frock is a white standing collar and a black tie. He also wears a black broad-brimmed hat with a low, flat crown with a narrow black ribbon tied around it. He wears sideburns that curve forward on the face and he carries a roll of cloth under his left arm. In the background of the work, the ship's rigging is passed through blocks and belayed to a set of belaying pins mounted onto the rail.

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99: Fermé pour fins de traitement
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Modalités d'utilisation

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, and family fonds (R977). Copyright: expired/périmé.

Information additionnelle

Note sur la description matérielle
Album of Mary Louisa Lambton, page 71.

Signatures et inscriptions
Inscription: date written on the artwork; unsigned and untitled. Pencil frame drawn with a straight edge.