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Description trouvée dans les archives


20 June 1837

Lieu de création


1 drawing: pencil on wove paper; 16.4x24.4 cm (image); 26x36 cm (folio)

Portée et contenu

Title refers to Lake Vänern. The subject is a marine scene depicting two men on a boat viewed towards the stern. The man steering from a rudder post is wearing a a collarless smock with a single fastening at the neck and a top hat with angled sides and a flat brim in the style which had been used by the Royal Navy of Sweden. The man reading a book is wearing a coat with puffed sleeve heads, a notched collar and a narrow, sloping shoulder line. His top hat has straight sides and a curved brim. There is a block and line on the deck and rigging is shown. The flag on the mizzenmast appears to be a variant on the Swedish flag. The decorative element across the top of the work may be part of an awning. In the distance are two vessels with fore and aft rigging.

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99: Fermé pour fins de traitement
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Modalités d'utilisation

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, and family fonds (R977). Copyright: expired/périmé.

Information additionnelle

Note sur la description matérielle
Album of Mary Louisa Lambton, page 11.

Signatures et inscriptions
Inscription: signature (MLL) and date on the artwork; title written on the album page. Pencil frame drawn with a straight edge.