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Letters from Lord Elgin to Mr. Cumming-Bruce [textual record] 

Sous-sous-série se compose de


28 June 1847-2 July 1853

Lieu de création

Lieux divers

5 cm of textual records (pages 1374-2142).

Portée et contenu

This sub-sub-series consists of a bundle of letters written by Lord Elgin to his father-in-law Charles Lennox Cumming-Bruce demonstrates the overlap between his public life and his family responsibilities. The letters focus on the extended Bruce family, most particularly the health and education of Lady Elma Bruce; on the management of the Broomhall estate and family finances; and on political issues in Britain and the Province of Canada. They demonstrate how greatly Elgin relied on Cumming-Bruce not only for advice and assistance with the family's financial affairs in Scotland, but also his political expertise as a Member of Parliament. The letters frequently mention enclosing letters from Lady Elma, newspaper clippings or other items, though only a few clippings survive here. Elgin used the blank leaf of the menu for the dinner celebrating the christening of his eldest son, Victor Alexander, to report on events of that day. The bundle includes some 21 edited transcriptions of extracts or entire letters made for use by Theodore Walrond in his biography of Elgin.

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