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24 June 1837-31 December 1839

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2 cm of textual records (173 pages).

Portée et contenu

Journal compiled by Mary Louisa Lambton as a record of the period June 1837-December 1839, during which she accompanied her father on his 1837 diplomatic mission to to Russia and his 1838 mission as Governor of Lower Canada and High Commissioner to investigate grievances in Upper and Lower Canada, as well as time spent in England. She numbered the journal pages as 1-155, but did not number the title page nor her Index to the journal and and her list naming recipients of "Letters Written". At a latter date, she placed mementos within the volume, notably a portrait of her husband excised from a unidentified publication (page 164), the undated minature printed booklet entitled "Private Signals" annotated "for the yacht" (pages 165-167), an engraved invitation to her mother the Countess of Durham to attend the wedding of Queen Victoria on 10 February 1840 (page 168) and a handwritten set of "Boat Signals" for Lady M. Lambton (pages 169-171).

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90: Ouvert
90: Ouvert
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Historique de la conservation
Dimensions of binding19.5x24cm. Numbering of title page and pages 156-171 carried out for control purposes.