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Correspondence with Earl Grey, Governor General of Canada [textual record] 

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29 cm of textual records.

Portée et contenu

This sub-series comprises one primary and one subordinate sequence of private letters and telegrams exchanged by the 9th Earl of Elgin and Earl Grey during the latter's term as Governor General of Canada, December 1905-April 1908, togetehr with related correspondence exchanged with officials of the Colonial Office, the Foreign Office and other ministries, as well as Canadian political figures. The correspondence focuses on sensitive aspects of relations with the Dominion of Newfoundland and the Atlantic fisheries; Asiatic immigration to British Columbia; the Colonial Conference of 1907; royal participation in the 1908 tercentenary celebrations of the founding of Quebec; honors for and relations with political leaders; and aspects of Grey's personal life. Lord Grey retained copies of the letters and telegrams he sent, but not necessarily of enclosures. Numerous enclosures survive with the letters sent by Lord Grey. The arrangement placed incoming and outgoing letters in chronological order within two sequences: the messages exchanged by Elgin and Grey, and the messages exchanged by Elgin with other officials and individuals. Three subject-groupings of documents printed for Cabinet or for Colonial Office form a third sequence, though the rationale for segregating as a fourth subject-file in this sequence remains unclear.

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Historique de la conservation
The documents have been retained in the order as received: one primary and one subordinate sequence of correspondence, and one sequence of printed materials. (The documents were microfilmed in this order for Queen's University Archives.) Pages have been numbered within each file, be that a single telegram or a letter plus multiple enclosures, or a file of printed materials on a particular topic.