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Description trouvée dans les archives

James Bruce, Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, and family - Private Life [textual record, graphic material] 



Lieu de création

Lieux divers

22.8 cm of textual records.
2 albums (117 drawings and 35 watercolours).
23 drawings.
9 watercolours.
4 prints : lithographs.

Portée et contenu

This series brings together a range of records created primarily by James Bruce, Earl of Elgin and of Kincardine, and his wife Mary Louisa Lambton Bruce during their sojourns in Upper and Lower Canada, and the Province of Canada, organized in two sub-series. While focused on the family's life in the Canadas, these sub-series include some material created after their return to Britain. The first sub-series, encompasses four sequences of letters addressed to Charles Lennox Cumming-Bruce and his wife Mary Elizabeth Bruce, written by Lord and Lady Elgin, and his eldest daughter Elma Bruce, to keep the the latter's grand-parents informed of her development, education and well-being, and of the family's life in general. The correspondence offers a rich source of information about family networks, relationships and inter-actions, cultural and social life. The second sub-series brings together a journal, two art albums, a variety of art works created by Mary Louisa Lambton Bruce, principally while travelling with her parents, 1837-1839 and while resident in the Province of Canada with her husband, 1847-1853, as well as letters received from her husband and a small number of associated mementos. The art works offer an exceptional opportunity to observe the world through a young artist's eyes, while the letters portray a deep and abiding bond between the spouses, their concerns for and support of one another.

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Information additionnelle

Historique de la conservation
The materials received in 2010 represent discrete portfolios, bundles or albums identifiable as created during or related to the family's residence in the Canadas. The physical integrity and organization of specific portfolios, bundles and albums remains essentially undisturbed.