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Insurance plan of the city of Ottawa, Canada, and adjoining suburbs and lumber districts, January 1888, revised January 1901. 


January 1901


Toronto; Montreal

Lieu de création



Chas. E. Goad

Revised and extended October 1898. Burnt District rearranged and revised January 1901

1 map on 109 sheets : col. ; 63 x 53 cm.

Portée et contenu

Item is a fire insurance plan of Ottawa, Ontario. It includes an unnumbered Title page which includes a Contour Plan [scale 1:12 000]. A "Key plan of Ottawa and vicinity" [scale 1:6 000] is on two sheets: sheet 1 and 102; and sheet 1 and 103. A revision sticker indicates "This Key Plan (sheets 1 & 2) and (102-103) is now (May 1895) superseded by New Key Plan - Ottawa, Sheets B & C. The present Key plans may be left in the volume for reference...". Sheet B and C are the "Key Plan of Ottawa and vicinity showing rearrangement of sheets for Burnt District. January 1901". Sheet A is of an Index to specials, blocks and Lumber Yards. Sheet D is a street index. Sheets are numbered 3-61, 63-69, 81-93, 103-114, 119-124 and 126, as well as, 105A, 112A-114A.

Documents cartographiques
Microfiche NMC13793
90: Ouvert
Documents cartographiques
90: Ouvert
90: Ouvert
No de référence archivistique
Indice de class de la Library of Congress
G1149.O8G475G62 1901

Modalités d'utilisation

Credit Library and Archives Canada Copyright: Expired

Information additionnelle

Sheets 81-84 show "Rochesterville, suburb of Ottawa City, January 1888", including a Key Plan [scale 1:6 000]. Rochesterville later became part of the Burnt District. Sheets 103-108, 112-114, 119-124 and 126 show the Burnt District (dated January 1900 or 1901). Sheets 105A, 109-111, 112A-114A show the Lumber District (dated May 1895).

For alternate description of item, see AMICUS No. 17072007.

Note sur les données mathématiques sur les documents cartographiques
Scales [1:600] and [1:1 200].

Note sur les documents d'accompagnement
Small folder includes four labels and three letters placed within the plan: i) A label indicating the plan is "The property of the Western Assurance Company" and that "These plans are prepared by Chas. E. Goad, Civil Engineer". ii) A label from the Canadian Fire Underwriters' Association which gives "Tarriff of annual rates for Dwellings & their outbuilding-in-the-Lower Town District, Ottawa, bounded by Sussex and Rideau Streets and the Rideau River"; dated 1st March 1893. iii) A label numbered Form No. 311 on "Handling tags". iv) A label numbered Form No. 146, a "Memoranda". v) A letter from the Canadian Fire Underwriters' Association on "Advanced Rates for Ottawa". The author is A.L.F. W. Hadrill. Dated 7th September 1900, Montreal. vi) A letter from the Canadian Fire Underwriters' Association concerning a "Special Notice" on endorsement fees and mortgage clauses. The author is A.L.F. W. Hadrill. Dated 1st November 1900, Montreal. vii) A letter from the Canadian Fire Underwriters' Association on "Special Ratings" for Ottawa, listed by specific sheet and block number. Dated February 20, 1901.

Note sur l'édition
Revision sticker: Surveyed January 1888. Some revisions pasted on.


Fire Insurance Plans.