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ca. 1935-1992

Lieu de création


5 sketchbooks
ca. 295 drawings
20 prints
ca. 76 watercolours
21 reproductions
1 photograph
2 objects batik fabric and Chinese scroll

Portée et contenu

Art records include one bound book with drawings laid down, dating ca. 1940-1950. Included on the pages are whimsical sketches of street scenes; portraits of F.R. Scott at the piano, reading and speaking at a C.C.F. convention; sketches of concert halls showing the audience and musicians; beach and lake sketches, several with people canoeing; a humourous portrait of Fritz Brandtner; and picnic and dinner scenes at North Hatley. A ring binder book also contains drawings with similar subject matter as well as plant sketches and images of dancers. A second ring binder book has manuscript research notes and sketches relating to Marian Scott's work with Hans Selye for a mural project at McGill University. Later works comprise studies for watercolours and are, primarily, variations on abstract patterns. Also included, but not numbered, are clippings that served as source material for Scott's watercolours. Works by other artists include a sketchbook containing twenty-one plant drawings by Peter Dale Scott, executed when he was a child and given as a gift to Marian Scott; and numerous artists' Christmas cards by such friends and colleagues as Fritz Brandtner and Rita Letendre. One notable loose work is a charming watercolour portrait, attributed to Marian Scott, showing Norman Bethune sick in bed, reading a book labelled "Marx". The series includes a self-portrait watercolour by Marian Scott.

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90: Ouvert
90: Ouvert
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0319 No de pièce attribué par BAC 235 -- 237
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90: Ouvert
de 020413 À 020415
020412/X1 No de pièce attribué par BAC 123; 192
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1995-115 DAP

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Copyright: works by Marian Scott Estate of Marian Scott. Works by other artists must be checked on an item-level basis.

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Note sur le classement
Note that items 1995-115-1 to 93 are contained in one bound volume. Items 1995-115-94 to 125 are in one ring binder and items 1995-115-126 to 191 are in a second ring binder. Note that these items are not counted in the number of sketchbooks as items 1 to 191 are on loose pages or laid down.


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1. 1995-115 DAP
2. 2008-00533-X