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Description trouvée dans les archives


ca. 1910


St. John's, Nfld.

Lieu de création


1 photograph : b&w print ; 172 x 245 mm
Positif - Papier - Argent - gélatine
Documents iconographiques (photo)
90: Ouvert
Documents iconographiques (photo)
Négatif de copie PA-125765
90: Ouvert
Documents iconographiques (photo)
90: Ouvert
90: Ouvert
Autre no d'acquisition
1977-040 NPC

Modalités d'utilisation

Credit: Molson Archives Collection / Library and Archives Canada / PA-125765.
Restrictions on use: Nil.
Copyright: Expired.

Nom(s) additionnel(s)

Photographe : Unknown.

Information additionnelle

The following partial inscription was found on a framed duplicate of this image from the Bren Kenney collection. Library and Archives Canada has since transferred this duplicate to the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador. "Picture inside the Brewery shows Von Stein (in white suit and Fedora) pouring a sample of beer for J.V. O'Dea (probably head of brewery at that time) and also shows what the well-dressed man of the day wore. Note: Head of foam in glass held by Von Stein and unidentified member of staff in background. Very appropriate name for brewer - 'Stein'. Stein of beer could very well have been derived from the brewer. Obviously, bowler hats and mustaches were a familiar sight around old St. John's at that period." "Von Stein, German master brewer, and also famous as the man who 'greased the pig' at the annual Regatta and offered a cash prize of $20.00 (big money at the time) to the man who 'caught the pig'." He was also a member of the Regatta Committee of his day and a well-known member of the Curling Club."

Note sur les expositions
The Molsons In Canada: The First 200 Years. Ottawa: National Archives of Canada, 1986.


Industries - Breweries.


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