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1,541 drawings : pen and ink with developer on self-toning paper.
0.001 m. textual

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Fonds comprises original editorial works by Roy Carless, dating 1972-2008. The majority of the works deal with issues relating to union workers in Canada. Many of the cartoons were syndicated to union papers across the country, primarily to that of the United Steelworkers. Subjects of interest include: wage and price controls, back-to-work legislation, inflation, food prices, budgets, recessions, the economy, the falling dollar, oil prices, unemployment rates, government cut-backs, Constitutional debates, railroad policy and the crow rate, farming, and the auto industry. Politicians of note include Joe Clark, Jean Chrétien, Bill Davis, Robert Kaplan, Marc Lalonde, Otto Lang, Donald Macdonald, Flora MacDonald, Brian Mulroney, John Munro, Jean-Luc Pepin, David Peterson, Robert Stanfield, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, John Turner, and Michael Wilson. An accrual in 2009 added cartoons relating to the governments of Paul Martin, Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper. Most contemporary issues include the Gomery Inquiry, the Iraq War, Canada-U.S. relations, environmental concerns, dollar devaluation, health care and the auto industry. Also donated were two personal typescript letters to roy Carless - one from Tommy Douglas dated July 10th, 1968 and a second one from Premier William Davis, dated April 6th, 1976.

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Credit: Library and Archives Canada; Copyright: Estate of Roy Carless until 2059.

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Note that the two textual items have been stored with the cartoons in Volume 26,


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1. 1974-046 PIC
2. 1987-042 PIC
3. 1991-037 DAP
4. 1992-472 DAP
5. 118-080327-2
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7. 2002-00484-6
8. 2009-00735-2