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Lieu de création

Québec (Province)

25 drawings pencil
1 drawing pencil, and ink
15 drawings ink
1 drawing ink and wash
5 prints line engraving
3 print lithograph
1 album photomechanical reproduction
11 prints photomechanical reproduction
2 photographs

Portée et contenu

Collection consists of drawings, prints, reproductions and photographs of the artwork of Henri Julien (1852-1908). The images depict the political life of the country during the period 1874-1916; images of the RCMP in the north-west in 1874; the Montreal winter carnival 1885-7; and historic subjects. Included in the collection are portraits of various politicians such as Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Sir Robert Borden, and one self-portrait of Julien as well as sketches dedicated to his friend Stuart Nichol. There are individual examples of reproductions from the Songs of the By-Town Coons, as well as an album of reproductions of images of politicians by Julien titled: Album.

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Credit: National Archives of Canada.
Copyright expired.

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Biographie / Histoire administrative

Octave-Henri Julien called Henri Julien by his contemporaries, was best known in his day as a cartoonist and illustrator. He was born on May 14, 1852 in Quebec. In about 1860 he lived in Montreal and studied until 1867 at the school of the drawing instructor L'abbé Chabert. He learned the lithographic process of William Leggo in the studios of Georges-Édouard Desbarats and in about 1869 became chief illustrator for the firm of Desbarats which published the Canadian illustrated news and L'opinion publique. In 1874 he accompanied a detachment of the North-West Mounted Police in the North-West and reported on the suppression of liquor traffic in the Prairies. From 1878 to 1903 he produced cartoons which he signed Crincrin, for Le farceur de Montréal. Later he became artistic director for the Montreal daily star, a position he kept until his death. He was working on preparations for the Quebec Tercentenary when he died in Montreal, in 1908. Harper, J. Russell. Early painters and engravers in Canada, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1970; Karel, David. Dictionnaire des artistes de langue francaise en Amerique du Nord, Laval, Museé du Québec, 1992.

Information additionnelle

Historique de la conservation
Acquired from various known and unknown sources.

Note sur la mention de responsabilité
Some reproductions were published by the Montreal daily star: some are from the Montreal daily star carnival number[s] and some are from the series Songs of the By-Town Coons; the album of reproductions titled Album Henri Julien was published in Montreal by Librairie Beauchemin Ltée in 1916.


1. Julien, Henri, 1852-1908
2. Canada
3. Politicians Canada
4. Hommes politiques Canada
5. Borden, Robert Laird, Sir, 1854-1937.
6. Laurier, Wilfrid, Sir, 1841-1919.


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