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Portée et contenu

Series consists of records created and/or maintained by the Skeena River Agency. The series includes files relating to subjects such as land sales, roads, timber, fisheries, water supply, electric lighting, Band Council minutes, Band Council elections, trust funds, estates, adult education, school returns, adoptions and vital statistics.

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Modalités d'utilisation

Copyright belongs to the Crown. In order to protect the fragile originals, the microfilm copies of these records must be consulted rather than the originals.

Finding aid 10-52 is a computer generated file list. 10-52 (Électronique)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

The Nass Agency was divided into the Nass and Skeena River agencies in 1920. The two agencies were re-united in 1922 under the name Skeena River Agency. The Skeena River Agency headquarters remained at Prince Rupert, site of the office of the former Nass Agency, and Agent Collinson, formerly the agent for the Nass Agency, became the agent for the new Skeena River Agency. It has not been possible to determine which bands were transferred to the Skeena River Agency in 1919, and which bands were moved in 1922. In 1959, some bands from the Agency were moved to the newly-created Terrace Agency and in 1967 the Skeena River Agency became the North Coast District. Finding aid 10-202: Guide to Indian Bands and Agencies in British Columbia.

Information additionnelle

Historique de la conservation
The records of the Skeena River Agency and those of the Nass Agency are inextricably linked because of the history of the administrative relationship between the two agencies. The same agent who had headed the Nass Agency was appointed for the Skeena River Agency in 1922. The office of the former Nass Agency in Prince Rupert was taken over and served as the office of the Skeena River Agency after 1922. Given this physical continuity it is not surprising that individual files sometimes contain correspondence from both the Nass Agency and the Skeena River Agency periods of administration.

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Title is based on the contents of the series.

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Documents reliés
Related records may also be found in the following series: Nass Agency, Terrace Agency, Queen Charlotte Agency.

Note sur le classement
The records in this series came into National Archives custody from either the Skeena River Agency or its successors. An attempt has been made to assign to the Nass Agency series those records that date from the period in which that administrative unit was in operation (i.e., only up to 1922). However, some records which date from the Nass Agency period, inevitably, have been found mixed with the Skeena River Agency material.

Note sur les autres formats physiques disponibles
Microfilmed copies are available on reels T-3968 to T-3971.


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