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7.5 m of textual records.

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Series consists of records created and/or maintained by the Debt Management Division.

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32: Restreint selon la loi
de 6981 À 7005
32: Restreint selon la loi
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Copyright belongs to the Crown.

Textual records The finding aid consist of volume number, file number, file part, title and outside dates. Excel 19-65 90 (Électronique)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

The Debt Management Division was one of three divisions under the direction of the Financial Sector Policy Branch. The division was responsible for policy analysis, recommendations and briefing with respect to the management of the public debt. The division had a detailed knowledge of securities markets procedures and followed closely developments in these markets both in Canada and abroad. The division provided policy advice on debt management and made recommendations on the amount, type, rate of interest and price on all debt issues in both domestic and foreign markets. The division provided advice on and made recommendations concerning the management and tendering of cash balance. The division also provided some operational support to the government's borrowing activities. In addition, the division provided policy advice on the market borrowing activities of Crown corporations, and advised the Minister in his role of approving individual debt issues of Crown corporations.

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