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Inspector of Indian Agencies in Saskatchewan [textual record]. 



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9.0 m of textual records

Portée et contenu

Series consists of records created and maintained by the Office of the Inspector of Indian Agencies in Saskatchewan and its precursors. The series includes Saskatchewan Inspectorate files relating to all aspects of Indian administration in Saskatchewan, 1918-1949 (Vols. 9126-9132, 9135-9138, 9145-9158, 9174). Also included are general administrative and correspondence files for the Saskatchewan Inspectorate in Regina are available in Volume 11535. As well, ledgers (Vols. 11563-11579) exist for the Pelly, Touchwood, Duck Lake, Carlton, File Hills, Qu'Appelle and Battleford Agencies. They contain general band accounts and livestock accounts. The last volume in this series (Vol. 11580) contains miscellaneous publications relating to Indian Affairs. Files for the period 1923-1932 were in the main created by the office of the Indian Commissioner, Regina and inherited in 1932 by the Saskatchewan Inspectorate. Where records have no file designation (i.e. annuity paylists) the identifier is the agency and subject. Shannon files (omnibus cardboard containers with subgroupings of "files" on several subjects) have been artificially divided for placement in acid-free folders and have been given numerical part designations.

Documents textuels
32: Restreint selon la loi
de 9126 À 9128
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels
32: Restreint selon la loi
de 9129 À 9130
de 9136 À 9138
de 9145 À 9158
de 11563 À 11579
32: Restreint selon la loi
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Copyright belongs to the Crown.

Finding aid 10-31 is a computer generated file list relating to Vols. 9126-9132, 9135-9138, 9145-9158, 9174. 10-31 (Électronique)

Finding aid 10-84 is a computer generated box list with file number, subject description and outside dates. This finding aid relates to Vols. 11535, 11563-11579, 11580. 10-84 99 (Électronique)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

The Saskatchewan Inspectorate was created around 1920. The Inspector of Indian Agencies was responsible for all aspects of Indian administration in Saskatchewan. RG10 General Inventory.

Finding aid 10-12: Guide to Indian Bands and Agencies in Western Canada, 1871-1959.

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Maps and plans of surveyed reserves, schools, houses and federal buildings were removed from the files and transferred to the Visual and Sound Archives Division.