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Charles E. Goad Company fonds [textual record, cartographic material]. 



Lieu de création

Sans lieu, inconnu ou indéterminé

20 cm of textual records originals and photocopies.
9224 microfiches.

Portée et contenu

Fonds consists of material relating to the operations of the Charles E. Goad Company and includes an indexed circular book, a day book listing the transactions of the Charles E. Goad Company and letter books concerning company costs and other matters of business. Fonds also consists of atlases of fire insurance plans of approximately 1194 cities and villages all across Canada. Most of the cities and villages are provided with an index map ("Key Plan"). For the larger cities, street indexes are added. These atlases are an excellent source of information on morphologic changes, urban land use, architecture and urban demography, toponymy, etc.

Documents textuels
90: Ouvert
Documents cartographiques: microformes
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels: microformes
Bobine de microfilm H-1815
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels: microformes
Bobine de microfilm H-1816
90: Ouvert
Documents textuels: microformes
Limites non établies
Bobine de microfilm
de H-1815 À H-1816
90: Ouvert
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Modalités d'utilisation

Textual records: Originals have beeen withdrawn from circulation. Researchers must use the microfilm reels.

Cartographic material: There is no finding aid. As a temporary access consult Patrick O'Neill, "A Checklist of Canadian Deposits in the British Museum 1895-1923", Halifax, Dalhousie University, 1985. (Papier)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

Charles E. Goad was born in England in 1848. He emigrated to Canada in 1869 and eventually began business as a cartographer. His first insurance plan, made in 1875, was of Levis, Quebec. In 1881, Goad published a periodical entitled Insurance Society which was intended to advertise insurance plan productions. In 1885 Goad returned to England to open a new office in London. In 1910 he died, and, following his death, the company was reorganized and operated under the name Charles E. Goad Company. This firm was responsible for a major share of the insurance plans produced in Canada. The firm withdrew from the insurance plan business in 1917. In 1931 the company was bought out by Underwriter's Survey Limited and the London branch became the Head Office. This last date marks the cessation of the firm's cartographic work in Canada.

Information additionnelle

A photographic copy of advertising circular 41 is available in the Documentary Art and Photography Division. See negative number C-61912 and C-61913. No record of this material could be found so the material was not integrated.

Microfilm copy of the fonds was received in 1989 from the Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

Note sur le classement
The atlases are catalogued according to the Library of Contress G schedule by province and alphabetically by city and village. For convenience, a microfiche may group up to two sheets for the same city or village.

Note sur les autres formats physiques disponibles
Also available on microfilm, reels H-1815 to H-1816.


1. Chas E. Goad Co. - Records and correspondence, 1898-1913.
2. Commercial correspondence, 1898-1913.


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1. 934-026 CA
2. 121-040628-4
3. GoadBL 934026