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National Film Board of Canada. Photothèque collection [graphic material]. 


[ca. 1925-ca. 1965]

Place of creation


109 029 photographs b&w
6 246 photographs col.
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
90: Open
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
90: Open
Other accession no.
1971-271 NPC
Local class no.
glass negatives 01617 to 01619 (2M/DAP-12A)
00145 (2M/DAP-1A)
04309.1 (2M/DAP-17A)
oversize glass negatives
nitrate negatives RV1-085 to RV1-133; RV4-164 to RV4-167; RV8-307
prints & negatives 06229; 1B/DAP-12A; 1B/DAP-19B & 19A
Colour transparencies "K" Series TCS01183 to TCS01186
diacetate negatives 1B/DAP-18A (3 containers)
Safety 03650.1
FA-080 FDA0554 to FDA0581 (PANL/RSD RM. 0326)
FA-080 - index cards 1B-DAP-23B (12 containers)
FA-080 - subject index 1B/DAP-16A (17 containers)

Terms of use

Item less than 50 years old Copyright: National Archives of Canada
Item more than 50 years old Copyright: Expired
Credit: Name of photographer / National Archives of Canada / PA-
Graphic (photo): Nil
Graphic (photo):Item less than 50 years old Copyright: National Archives of Canada
Graphic (photo):Item more than 50 years old Copyright: Expired
Graphic (photo): Credit: Name of photographer / National Archives of Canada / PA-

Graphic (photo): Microfiche facsimiles and subject access Consultation Unit FA-080 90 (Other)

Graphic (photo): Interpretive report by Carleton University Graduate Student Adele Stalmach; DIAND Fonds; 1993 90 (Paper)

Graphic (photo): Vol.1-2 list of WR series captions located in 326. CGMPB collection description located in 2000791572 with a opy in 326. Original catalogues to still photography located in 2000791572-574. Record of Transparencies, Passports, Colour Type C images in 2000791573 with copy in 326. Vol. 9-12 Colour Transparency Filing books located in 2000791573 with copies in 326. PP series index located in 2000791572-3 with copies in 326. RAIC filing book located in 2000791573. Original Numerical Filing books located in 2000791572-3 with copies in 326. SF series index located in 2000791573 Photo story layouts located in 2000791575. WRN series description located in 2000791572. Original photostories and feature releases catalogues located in 2000791573-4. Techical Operations Branch Annual Reports and Quarterly Fiscal Reprts located in 2000791574. Press release posters located in 2000791579. Captions for commercials located in 2000791579. Original slides with corresponding storylines located in 2000791583. 39 boxes of original envelopes and index cards with images and captions sorted by subject with negative number located in 2000855979-016. Original envelopes and index cards with images and captions sorted by negative number located in 2000856034-100, 104-111. FA-080 90 (Paper)

Additional information

Photographs by NFB of every aspect of life in Canada, depicting domestic scenes and family life as well as economic, political, and social activities and events. The collection has numerous views of urban and rural locations across Canada; portraits of important Canadian and international figures, such as Princess Juliana, W.L.M. King, Dr. Frederick Banting, Dr. Charles Herbert Best and others, also medical labs - apparatus relating to the discovery of insulin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sir Winston Churchill, L. St. Laurent, L.B. Pearson, and Dr. V. Stefansson; photos of special events, including the R-100 Atlantic flight, and the Royal Tours of 1939 and 1951; as well as photos illustrating various government departments.

Images of the federal management of aboriginal affairs in the following areas: settlement, communities and building projects, religion, education, home economics, as well as traditional activities such as fishing, trapping, snowshoeing, canoeing,preparing for annual Indian pageant, participation in the Calgary Stampede Parade.

The following accessions have been integrated: 1942-20, 1942-21, 1942-61, 1942-62, 1942-63, 1943-124 to 1943-130, 1945-51, 1945-52, 1970-148, 1979-19, 1979-241, and 1980-41.

Photographs depicting aboriginals in Canada See also Canada. Department of Indian and Northern Affairs collection (1976-281) for related National Film Board of Canada produced photographs.

Physical description note
Graphic (photo): 21, 25, 26a, 26b, 31

Subject heading

1. National Film Board of Canada National Film Board of Canada.
2. Juliana, Princess.
3. Stefansson, Vilhjalmur.
4. R-100 (Airship)
5. Visits of state Canada
6. Visits of state - Canada - 1951.
7. Transatlantic flights.
8. Cities and towns.
9. Politicians.
10. Government publicity.
11. Domestic relations.
12. King, William Lyon Mackenzie, 1874-1950.
13. Banting, F. G. (Frederick Grant), Sir, 1891-1941.
14. Pearson, Lester B., 1897-1972.
15. St-Laurent, Louis S. (Louis Stephen), 1882-1973.
16. Churchill, Winston S. (Winston Spencer), 1874-1965.
17. Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945.


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