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Description found in Archives

Canada. Dept. of the Interior collection [graphic material]. 


1858-1929, predominant c 1910 - 1925

Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

712 photographs
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
from 01046 to 01052
C 0515
RV5 056
90: Open
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
from GL 0066 to GL 0070
FDA 0325
from FDA 0328 to FDA 0337
90: Open
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
90: Open
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
RV3 174
90: Open
Other accession no.
1966-084 NPC
Local class no.
FA-012 FDA0328 to FDA0330 (PANL/3M BAY 236)
FDA0331 to FDA0337 (PANL/3M BAY 234)
nitrate RV5-056
2 b&w prints 06292.1
glass negatives & prints 01046 to 01052 (2M/DAP-7A)
GL0065 to GL0070
nitrate negatives RV3-174
prints C0515
FA-147 FDA0325 (PANL/3M Bay 236)

Terms of use

Copyright: Expired
Credit: National Archives of Canada
Graphic (photo): Nil
Graphic (photo): Copyright: Expired
Graphic (photo): Credit: National Archives of Canada

Graphic (photo):numbered negatives Interior -- Woodruff 326 Item FA-012 (Other)

Graphic (photo): Box 1, original index to `w` series prints (Glass & Cell Negs) located at 2000775739 FA-147 (Paper)

Additional name(s)

Additional information

Photogrammetry and views of Ottawa. Photos by John Woodruff. Photographs of survey equipment used by the Topographical Survey of Canada, c 1920; survey equipment testing and calibrating devices and laboratories, Ottawa, Ont.; display windows of the Topographical Survey of Canada at 105 George St., Ottawa, Ont., showing activities of the Survey, c 1925; offices, laboratories, and printing facilities used by the Survey in Ottawa; photographs of maps, plans, charts, graphs and drawings produced by the Survey or used in its operations; copy negatives of various places, particularly in western Canada, including views of Fort Garry, Fort Edmonton, and other places. Original negatives not evidently by the Topographical Survey include: Topley Studio neg. no. 110985, a portrait of J. Côté; an unattributed group portrait of Piegan, Blood, and Blackfoot chiefs at Earnscliffe, 1886; a number of views of Ottawa, c 1914, including the Parliament buildings, the canal, and Experimental Farm; and, in the same series, views of Montreal, Gananoque, Brockville, alexandria Bay, Schrieber Station, Winnipeg, and Banff (including a view on Castle Mountain of interned aliens building a road); and the interior and exterior of a blacksmithy.

A memo dated 1921, found in this accession file, indicates that approximately 2,000 negatives created by John Woodruff were at that time tranferred to the Natural Resources Intelligence Branch. Some of these negatives were copied and can be found scattered through acc. no. 1936-271; the majority were evidently destroyed, although prints can be found in acc. nos. 1939-431.

The photographs taken c 1914 of Ottawa to Banff are numbered 700 to 728 in what appears to be J. Woodruff's style; the numbers are not preceded by the letter W, as is the case for other known Woodruff material. Many of the photographs in this series do not appear to be by Woodruff, as they were taken in the 1920s.

Large format negatives and prints relating to some of the large format negatives may appear in acc. no. 1952-16.

This accession was previously named the John Woodruff collection..

Physical description note
Graphic (photo): 21, 25b, 26a

Language note
Language of accompanying material: english.

Subject heading

1. Photogrammetry - Ontario - Ottawa Woodruff, John.
2. Canada. Dept. of the Interior Pearce, William.
3. Ottawa, Ont. Murray,.
4. Morgan,.
5. Topley Studio.


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