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Charles Berkeley Powell scrapbook no. 5 [graphic material, textual record, object] 

File consists of



Place of creation


1 watercolour : watercolour.
1 drawing : pen and ink.
67 prints : 7 engravings; 13 colour lithographs; 47 lithographs and wood engravings. various dimension.
81 reproductions : 5 photographs; 75 halftones; various dimensions.
18 regimental badges : printed.
34 letterpress and autographs : pamphlets and leaflets; holograph letters.

Scope and content

Volume 5 is a burgundy scrapbook with 124 dark manila pages. Its leaves have become detached from the original leather spine. "The Gift of C. Berkeley Powell" has been pressed in gold lettering onto the front cover, bottom, and "Powell Scrap-Book V" is inscribed in gold leaf on the spine. Items are numbered, but do not correspond with this index. Items mostly relate to wars under the British regime, including the War of 1812-14, and battles and skirmished from 1742-1860 from the British perspective. Included are a large number of pictorial works and schematic drawings relating to soldier's uniforms, including details about various regiments' caps, coats, decorations, swords, rifles, etc. Also included are details about the organization of the Canadian militia, its statistics and scales of pay. Berkeley Powell also added many depictions of forts, monuments, architectural buildings, and general landscape views relating to battlegrounds or significant Canadian scenery from publications such as the Canadian Military Gazette (predominantly), the Evening Recorder, the Toronto Globe, and Dominion Illustrated. A more detailed list follows: Three portraits of General Wolfe from the Toronto Globe (Oct 14, 1905) and two unknown publications. Two halftones, one wood engraving. Portrait of General Montcalm. Wood engraving from an unknown publication. Portrait of James Lucas Yeo. Halftone. Profile portrait of General Brock. Halftone, The Globe, Toronto, Saturday, February 4, 1905. Portrait of Colonel George Murray. Lithograph. Portrait of General Meadows. Lithograph. Portrait of General Prescott. Photograph of a painting. Photograph of a portrait of Major General Edward Baynes. Article and halftone of General Drummond. Photographic reproduction of a portrait of Field Marshal HRH Frederick, Duke of York. Notes are inscribed on the back of the image. Copied as C-39698. Article from the Canadian Magazine explaining a battle from the War of 1812. Article from the Dominion Illustrated Monthly about General John Graves Simcoe, First Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. Two portraits of Queen Victoria. Halftones. Small halftone of Lady Edgar. Reproduction of a letter by W.E. Gladstone to Lady Aberdeen on "Lady Edgar's Ten Years in Upper Canada". From the Globe, Toronto, 4 February, 1905. Article on surgeon F.W. Strange and Dr. G.S. Ryerson. Includes two halftone portraits. Small halftone of Lt. Col. Osborne Smith. Article on "The Old Brigade" featuring "A group of the first battalion volunteer militia rifles of Canada, 1858". From the Free Press, Ottawa, 20 March, 1901. Full-length portrait of Lt. Col. Hood, commanding the Royal Scots. Halftone. See Dominion Illustrated, 11 July, 1891, p.47. Group portrait of three men in uniform. Inscribed in ink below: "1866, Captain Allan MacDonald and his subaltern of the 11th Battalion". Photograph. Note: the ink inscription has been written on a lined piece of paper stuck into the album. One section of it has become detached. Portrait of Lady Ishbel Aberdeen. Halftone. Portrait of the Earl of Aberdeen. Halftone. Photographic portrait mounted onto paper of Sir John Douglas Southerland Campbell, the Marquis de Lorne. The signature "Lorne" has been inscribed on the bottom left side, in ink. Full length portrait of the Earl of Derby and his dog. Halftone. Portrait of Col Harry Smith wearing a highly decorated military jacket. Halftone. Portrait of Lt. Col. J. C Hegler of the Oxford Rifles. Halftone. Portrait of Lt. Col. H.J. Grasset. Article about the Militia Headquarters staff, at Ottawa. Includes halftones and information about Lt. Col. Irwin, Colonel Walker Powell, and Lt. Col. Macpherson. Original photographic negatives 8244. Copied as C-12244. Article from the Canadian Military Gazette (1898) about Lieut. Col. John I Davidson. Includes a full-length portrait (halftone) of the Lt.-Col wearing a kilt. Article from the Canadian Military Gazette (1896) about Lieut. Col. Gerald C. Kitson. Includes a portrait (halftone) of the Lt.-Col. Half-length portrait of Edward Hutton. Halftone from the Canadian Military Gazette, 20 Sept, 1898. Sketch of the 100th Regiment. Wood engraving from the Canadian Military Gazette, 15 May, 1896. Blank Loose pamphlet showcasing the "Members of the Canadian Bisley Team, 1896". Lt. Col. Starke, 3rd Victoria Rifles, commanding. Group portrait of the "Canadian Coronation Contingent who comprise the Royal Escort". Halftone. Group portrait of "Officers and delegates of the Dundas Company, winners of the Gzowski Cup, 1897-8". Halftone. Group portrait of "Members of the R.R.C.I. Who go from Toronto to Serve in the Yukon Country". Halftone from the Globe Toronto, 23 April, 1898. Group portrait of "Canadian officers in England, with Sir Wilfred Laurier". Halftone. Group portrait of "Officers of the Governor General's Body Guard, Humboldt, 1885". Copied as C-2594. View of "The Maxim gun at Stanley Barracks and its complement of men". Halftone. Blank Two images of the Drill Hall at Halifax. Halftones. View of "Block house and part of old barracks, Fort Edward, Windsor, N.S.". Halftone from the Dominion Illustrated, 30 May, 1891, p. 508. Article titled "Halifax's New Armouries, About to be Occupied by the Militia". From the Canadian Military Gazette, n.d. Blank An interior and exterior views of "Old Fort Chambly, P.Q.". Halftones from the Dominion Illustrated, 25 April, 1891. Images and articles relating to "historic landmarks of Canada", consisting of monuments to Wolfe and Montcalm in Quebec, Nelson's Monument in Montreal, Battle of St. Foye Monument in St. Foye. 3 halftones, 1 article. Halftone of the Plains of Abraham, showing the Monument to Wolfe and Montcalm. Wood engraving of the Citadel of Quebec. Detail of the Monument to Wolfe and Montcalm. Halftone. Small view of the drill hall at Quebec City. Halftone. View of "The Dry Dock at Quebec", and a ship within it. Halftone from the Globe, Toronto, 24 October, 1903. Small view of the Champlain Monument, Montreal. Halftone. Reproduction of "A perspective view of the Town and Fortifications of Montreal in Canada", originally taken from "A complete History of the Late War, Dublin, 1774. Wood engraving. View of "The bridge at Quebec" spanning the St. Lawrence. Halftone from the Globe, Toronto, 24 October, 1903. Three reproductions of commemorative plaques in memory of fallen soldiers. Memorials for the North-West Rebellion, 1885, and fallen graduates of the Royal Military College, Kingston. Halftone of the monument in Queen's Park, Toronto to soldiers felled in the battle of 1885. Commemorative plaque for Lieutenant William Fitch. Halftone. Memorial to Lt.Col. Williams in Port Hope Ontario. Halftone. Original Watercolour of Fort Henry by D.T. Irwin, seen from the water. Note: Original has been removed and is currently located in container 2000759323. It is listed as Control No. 0000-000//A120-02, and have been copied as C-003122. View and description of Fort Mississauga. Halftone and article. Letter to the editor of the Militia Gazette, written by S.A. Curzon, regarding the recent modifications and repair work done to For Mississauga. Published 15 Aug, 1892. Small view of Old Fort Erie. Halftone from the Canadian Magazine, Dec 1891. Halftones of the monument to Sir Isaac Brock, Queenston Heights, Lundy's Lane Monument, Niagara, monument to North-West Rebellion, 1885, Queen's Park, Toronto. Images and article relating to the Royal Military College, Kingston. Four wood engravings: The Cathedral of Saskatchewan and Emanuel College. Copied as C-18709. Fort Pitt, Hudson Bay Company. Copied as C-2144 Fort Carleton, Evacuated and Burned. Copied as C-3029 Touchwood Hills, Hudson Bay Company's Trading Post. Copied as C-18708. View of Fort Pelly. Halftone reproduction from a photograph by J.B. Tyrell of the Geological Survey of Canada. Rendition of Fort Carlton. Lithograph. See original negative A146. Original Watercolour of a landscape. Inscribed in pencil on verso: "Painted by Lt. Col. Wyndham, 12th Battalion. Original watercolour transferred to Tray 65 B, June 1958. Negative Number C-3124. Blank "Fort Garry, Red River Settlement". Shows the fort and several groups of Native individuals stationed outside of the fort's outside gate. Chalk lithograph. View of the H.M.S. Flora in a dry-dock. According to the caption the image portrays "A bulwark of Imperial Defense -- the dry dock at Esquimalt is a magnificent piece of masonry, capable of accommodating the largest warships in the Pacific". Halftone from the Globe, Toronto, Saturday, 1st August, 1903. View of the dry dock at Esquimalt with a large sailing ship in its hold. Halftone. View of Nelson's Monument in Trafalgar Square. Halftone. Detail of the monument to Wolfe in Westminster Abbey. Halftone. Pamphlet about the activities and training of cadets at the Royal Military College, Kingston. Supplement to the Canadian Magazine, 10 January, 1895. Blank Depictions of 1742 military uniforms for a Private of the 24th Regiment (one in colour, one in black and white), a Private of the 42nd Regiment, and a Marine. (Two chromolithographs, one colour lithograph, one black and white wood engraving). Depiction of a small boat with two high sails called a "Bomb ketch, 1805". Chromolithograph. Four depictions of soldiers wearing uniforms from 1791-1800 (Two chromolithographs, one halftone, one wood engraving). Large halftone reproduction of a painting by S. Begg. Depicts a scene of "Citizen soldiers a hundred years ago: the Loyal Associated Ward Volunteer Corps of the City of London". Reproduced in The Illustrated London News, 10 November, 199, p.658. Soldiers from a number of different regiments, 1809-1827. 3 Chromolithographs, 3 halftones, two colour lithographs, one black and white lithograph). Two halftones: "The evolution of the Scottish Rifles' (Uniforms)" and "The First (Horseback) Lesson, 13th Light Dragoons, 1840". Black and white lithograph of an Officer of the 51sr Light Infantry, 1835. Original pen and ink drawing of a soldier from the "1st Battalion Loyal Volunteers, City of Montreal, 1837-8 (Wood-Peckers)". Depicts a soldier in profile, and notes about the details of his uniform. Chromolithograph of two officers of the 13th Light Dragoons, 1846. Eight black and white prints of various soldiers in uniform. (Three halftones, four lithographs, one wood engraving). Photograph of 62nd Battery, St. John N.B., 1892. Lt. Col. Blain Commanding Officer. Copied as C-3378. Note: Original photograph has been removed, and is currently listed as being part of a miscellaneous collection. It has been given the accession number 1969-001, and is currently located in box 2000761350. Wood engraving of "Types of the Colonial and Indian Armies of the British Empire". Collage containing five prints of lieutenants in varying uniforms. Black and white lithographs, completely hand-coloured. Extensive notes about Colonel Walker Powell's service terms and information about the militia's permanent corps are inscribed on the back. Photo negative C-5375. Collage containing three staff officers. Lithographs, hand coloured. One is shown on horseback. Inscribed in ink: "Staff officers, Field day Order, 1885". Pasted below is an excerpt from a short article written by Lt. Col. Walker Powell on behalf of Governor General Lord Monck, 12 Nov, 1868. The article expresses the Governor General's admiration for the volunteer corps of Canadian soldiers. See Berkeley Powell Album 2, page 111, item 215 for the complete version. Extensive notes about military operations are inscribed on the back of the page. Photo negative C-8239. Depiction of an honour ceremony. The caption reads "Her Majesty attaches the Victoria Cross to Connor's Breast". Pen and ink lithograph. Depiction of the Countess of Elgin "receiving the bouquets and crest of Upper Canada College, 20th October, 1847". Halftone reproduction from the Dominion Illustrated, 12 of December, 1891. Copied as A-1739. "A Military Parade on the Champ de Mars, Montreal, in 1866" showing a large crowd watching soldiers on horseback. Halftone. See original negative C-8631. Halftone of the monument built outside of Queen's Park, Toronto, to commemorate the fallen soldiers of the Northwest Rebellion, 1885. Halftone depicting the unveiling of the Queen's Park Monument to the Northwest Rebellion. Halftone depicting veterans of the Northwest Rebellion posing in front of the recently unveiled monument. "The Canadian Coronation Contingent as Photographed in front of the Canadian Arch on Dominion Day. Lt. Col. Pellatt, on his famous white charger, is plainly discernable in the foreground". Also present were Premier and Lady Laurier. Image shows a military procession in front of an elaborately decorated temporary archway. Halftone, copied as C-14041 Two halftones from The Globe, 9 July, 1898, depicting the church parade and a brigade staff group at "the first June camp, June 12". Page from a publication called Historical Events, 1902. Contains two halftone images of events in preparation for the upcoming Indian coronation ceremony of King George. Depiction of an officer on horseback. Lithograph from the Canadian Magazine, n.d. Original watercolour of cannon "No.1" by R.W. Rutherford. Copied as C-1373. Lithograph of Lt. Col. Strange from an unidentified publication. Negative No. C-2678. Three small wood engravings of soldiers posing for battle from an unidentified publication. Poem titled "The Union Jack" printed by Alexander & Cable, and distributed by the Albany Club, 1889. Colour lithograph. Three schematic drawings of long and short barrel Snider rifles, illustrating their corresponding parts. Wood engravings and lithographs. Schematic drawing of swords for a staff sergeant. Steel engraving. Five different swords and their sheaths for Drummers, Staff Sergeants, and Rifles. Steel engraving. Details of the Engineer's military uniform, 1865. Depicts the frock coat, Jacket and waistcoat, tunic and cap. Lithograph. Schematic drawing of the sword, pouch belt, sword belt and pouches of a military uniform. Steel engraving. Details of the tunic, frock coat, shell jacket and collar trim of uniforms for field officers, captains and lieutenant engineers, 1865. Steel engraving. Belt details or "Accoutrements" for the Infantry's military uniform, 1863. Steel engraving. Details of an Infantry officer's sword belts for 1863. Steel engraving. Twelve different decorative badges for the officer's uniform. Lithographs. Page of a scrapbook containing the depiction of six different braided shoulder straps for officers of the militia, and Berkeley Powell's notes about how they were worn. Pasted onto the other side of the page is the depiction of a Martini Rifle, notes about its use by the militia, and a diagram depicting the trajectory of its ammunitions. Seven lithographs and one steel engraving. Image and description of the North-West Canada Medal, 1885. Halftones show the obverse and reverse sides. Copied as C-3031. Three sketches of the North-West Canada Medal, 1885. Lithograph. Blank Eighteen different regimental badges. Large pen-and-ink lithograph depicting a "Prairie church parade of General Middleton's Command". Shows uniformed men in a square formation, and tents along their side. Blank "Facsimile of a plan, showing position of the Canadian Forces at Clark's Crossing, found by Major-General Sir Fred Middleton among the papers of Louis Riel, at Batoche." Colour lithograph printed by Canada Bank Note Co. Depicts a rudimentary drawing of the Saskatchewan River and various paths and roadways near it. A Six-page document illustrating the various battle locations along the Saskatchewan River and Fish Creek during the North-West Rebellion. Colour Lithographs. One page of hand-written notes regarding the Canadian government's contribution to the development of a port at Victoria, B.C. and other infrastructure in British Columbia. Also briefly mentions the history of British Columbia's militia. A nineteen page series of notes about the history of the militia's uniform, weaponry, and organization. Briefly explains the general character of infantrymen, grenadiers and native soldiers during battles in 1756 and 1759. Explains the American threat to Canada during the end of the eighteenth century, outlines the uniform of British Red Coats, the changes in the British uniform that took place in the early 1800's, changes in the uniform of the 60th Regiment, changes to the British Flag in 1800, the raising of volunteer soldiers in Britain and Canada, and details about their duties and uniform. Newspaper clipping about the epitaph of John James Hume of Sandwich. "Instructions for fitting the Valise Equipment, Pattern 1888. Issued with Army Orders 1 Nov, 1892." Small printed pamphlet that explains how to assemble and properly wear a military backpack. Letter to the editor of the Oshawa Mail regarding the origins of the Canadian volunteer militia. Facsimile of "the first pay list of the first Volunteer Militia Rifle Company of Montreal, gazetted (sic) August 22, 1855, and previously known as the Montreal Rifle Rangers, organized in August 1854." Shows a reprint of the original invoice containing the signatures of over 65 men and their respective scales of pay. Photomechanical process print. Handwritten notes about General Orders to the Civil Service Rifle Regiment, 18 Dec, 1868. Envelope from the Adjutant General's Office, Quebec. Signed by the Deputy Adjutant General D. Mcdonell. The envelope contains two printed documents. The first is titled "Proceedings of Committee in relation to the Battle Grounds of 1812-14, adopted November 24, 1853. Outlines the necessary actions needed to determine the precise history of the battle between British and American troops. Also contains orders relating to the accounting of militia troops. The second document is titled "Meeting of the Building Committee of Brock's Monument". Contains a list of those present, and the plans for the monument's unveiling, including the ceremony for interring the remains of fallen soldiers. Details about a small marker laid on the Plains of Abraham in 1832. Notes inscribed in ink. List of the number of soldiers killed in different battles during the War of 1812-1814. Letter from the editorial room of the Canadian Magazine, 1 March, 1904. Thanks Powell for information relating to a "picture" (most likely a photograph) of Dr. Bain, and asks him for more details. List of Canadian Governor Generals from 1840 to 1888. Page from the Canadian Military Gazette (after 1897). Includes a financial report for the militia for 1896-7. List outlining the "Statement of expenditure for the Militia and Defense of the Dominion of Canada, under various Appropriations, from 1867-1890, inclusive". Blank Article from the Evening Recorder, 17 September, 1901 regarding details of the Prince of Wales' visit to Brockville in 1860. Caption for a photograph of soldiers from the regiments of 1866. Letter to Powell from "Militia and Defense" presenting him with a photograph of Lt. Col Blaine. Newspaper clipping about the approved plans for Toronto's new army barracks. Booklet about the Royal Light Infantry created because of the 5th Battalion's "desire to lay the facts and correspondence connected with the disbanding of their corps before their friends and the public.". Publication titled "Houghton to Middleton. The Colonel with vigor replies to the General. Long but Interesting.". Composed by Lt. Col. C.F. Houghton, Montreal, March 27, 1894. Poem titled "Haughty Houghton or the Hampered Horse". Regarding the Fish Creek Battle, April 24, 1885. Newspaper clipping on a band concert by His Majesty's Coldstream Guards in Ottawa. Small newspaper clipping on the number of men and horses in the Canadian Militia. Newspaper article on the Militia's adoption of new Lee-Enfeild rifles. Clipping about comments made by the Hon. Etienne Cartier, Minister of Militia, in the House of Commons, March 31, 1868. "No nation on earth could pretend to be a nation until it attained the military element, or the power of defense". Clipping about Col. Herbert on the Canadian Militia. From the Military Gazette, August 15, 1896. Comprehensive general instructions regarding the dress regulations for officers of the Militia of Canada. Publication compiled by Col. Walker Powell, adjutant-general of Militia, Ottawa, 1 May, 1886. Blank Letter, 10 December, 1892, from W. St. Batton (??) , who "jotted down a few points in connection with the ex. of 1885 which may be of use to you". Includes three pages of notes on the North-West Rebellion. Blank Publication about the history of "The Volunteer force of the Reign of King George the Third" by Major M.B. Pearson, London Division, Royal Artillery.

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Album is barcoded as 2000859355

Vol. 5 contains 1933-242-252 to 1933-242-445.

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Album assembled by C. Berkeley Powell, and donated to Public Archives of Canada in 1933.

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1. SUB. - MILITARY, Army - Canada.
2. Historical Events - 1760.


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1933-242 PIC