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Series consists of

Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

ca. 45,700 photographs : b&w, glass plate negatives ; chiefly measuring 16.7 x 11.6 cm (4.25 x 6.5 inches).

Scope and content

This series is a work in progress and will be updated shortly.

Graphic (photo)
90: Open
Glass plate negatives do not travel. Mus
t be consulted at Preservation Centre.
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
from 00402E to 00402F
from 00403A to 00403F
from 00404A to 00404F
from 00405A to 00405F
from 00406A to 00406F
from 00407A to 00407F
from 00408A to 00408F
from 00409A to 00409F
from 00410A to 00410F
from 00411A to 00411F
from 00412A to 00412F
from 00413A to 00413F
from 00414A to 00414F
from 00415A to 00415F
from 00416A to 00416F
from 00417A to 00417F
from 00418A to 00418F
from 00419A to 00419F
from 00420A to 00420F
from 00421A to 00421F
from 00422A to 00422F
from 00423A to 00423F
from 00424A to 00424F
from 00425A to 00425F
from 00426A to 00426F
from 00427A to 00427F
from 00428A to 00428F
from 00429A to 00429F
from 00430A to 00430F
from 00431A to 00431F
from 00432A to 00432F
from 00433A to 00433F
from 00434A to 00434F
from 00435A to 00435F
from 00436A to 00436F
from 00437A to 00437F
from 00438A to 00438F
from 00439A to 00439F
from 00440A to 00440F
from 00441A to 00441F
from 00442A to 00442F
from 00443A to 00443F
from 00444A to 00444F
from 00445A to 00445F
from 00446A to 00446F
from 00447A to 00447F
from 00448A to 00448F
from 00449A to 00449F
from 00450A to 00450F
from 00451A to 00451F
from 00452A to 00452F
from 00453A to 00453F
from 00454A to 00454F
from 00455A to 00455F
from 00456A to 00456F
from 00457A to 00457F
from 00458A to 00458F
from 00459A to 00459F
from 00460A to 00460F
from 00461A to 00461F
from 00462A to 00462F
from 00463A to 00463F
from 00464A to 00464D
from 00464F/X1 to 00464F/X2
from 00465A to 00465F
from 00466A to 00466F
from 00467A to 00467F
from 00468A to 00468F
from 00469A to 00469F
from 00470A to 00470F
from 00471A to 00471F
from 00472A to 00472F
from 00473A to 00473F
from 00474A to 00474F
from 00475A to 00475F
from 00476A to 00476F
from 00477A to 00477F
from 00478A to 00478F
from 00479A to 00479F
from 00480A to 00480F
from 00481A to 00481F
from 00482A to 00482F
from 00483A to 00483F
from 00484A to 00484F
from 00485A to 00485F
from 00486A to 00486F
from 00487A to 00487F
from 00488A to 00488F
from 00489A to 00489F
from 00490A to 00490F
from 00491A to 00491F
from 00492A to 00492F
from 00493A to 00493F
from 00494A to 00494F
from 00495A to 00495F
from 00496A to 00496F
from 00497A to 00497F
from 00498A to 00498F
from 00499A to 00499F
from 00500A to 00500F
from 00501A to 00501B
90: Open
Archival reference no.
Other accession no.
1936-270 NPC

Terms of use

Credit: Topley Studio / Library and Archives Canada / PA-number
Restrictions on use: Nil.
Copyright: Expired.

Graphic material (photo) Partial finding aid: boxes 00404A--00404F only. FA-001 90 (Electronic)

Graphic material (photo) Finding aid for the Earl of Dufferin's Grand Fancy Dress Ball, February 1876. These 311 photographs span three series: C, D and E and make up a composite photo that Topley created later in 1876. FA-001 90 (Electronic)

Finding aid no.

Additional information

Source of title
The designation "C" was assigned by Topley to mean the size of these photographs (16.7 x 11.6 cm or 4.25 x 6.5 inches). It is one of several alphabetic series in the Topley fonds where the designation refers to the size of each series of photographs.

Arrangement note
Series consists of glass plate negatives chiefly measuring 16.7 x 11.6 cm (4.25 x 6.5 inches).

Series title

Restrictions on access note
Access to these photographs has to be given through a photo archivist as these are glass plate negatives. The originals do not circulate.