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13 November 1852



Place of creation

Québec (Province)

pages 2080-2083; 2086-2089
Inventory no.: 5102

Scope and content

Requests assistance in procuring 4 medals worth £5 (in silver) and 2 medals (in gold) worth £10 each, in fulfilment of Elgin's promise of £100 (money or medal) for achievements at the Great Exhibition of 1851; wishes to know the successor to the late Mr Wyon, and advice on use of dies, appropriate emblems and keeping the Queen's profile on the obverse. Notes the advantage working with a democratic legislature, local prosperity and attachment to England. [Letter begins on pages 2086-2089 and concludes on 2080-2083.]

Textual records
90: Open
21 File number 8
90: Open

Finding aid no.

Additional information

A transcript of this letter, done by Theodore Walrond, can be found in: volume 21, page 2090.