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18 September 1852



Place of creation

Québec (Province)

pages 2032-2051
Inventory no.: 5102

Scope and content

Offers condolences on a death in the family and remarks on the passing of friends; referring to a rumor [via Lord Desert] of his replacement as Governor, he comments at great length on the policies and goals he has pursued and his beliefs relative to the use of suasion, sympathy and moderation to influence rather than dictate to the local Legislature, subordinating his personal opinions to the "general sentiments of the community" so long as these were not repugnant to public morals and imperial interests, his concept of responsible government. [pages 2038-2039 numbered out of sequence with 2036-2037]

Textual records
90: Open
21 File number 7
90: Open

Finding aid no.

Additional information

A transcript of this letter, done by Theodore Walrond, can be found in: volume 21, pages 2052-2055.