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28 March 1867


New York

Place of creation

New York (State)

pages 701-709
Inventory no.: 4622

Scope and content

Comments on the reliability of information supplied by his Fenian agent "J. H." and an arms shipment to Detroit. Enclosed: letter from "J. H." to Pierrepont Edwards (27 March 1867), comments on rivalry between Stephens and Roberts; Fenian access to armories for drilling; possible seizure of American vessels to use as privateers; Miss Mahoney, directress of the Fenian Sisterhood; rumors about Major Tressilian, Captain Dunn and Colonel Mulcahey; and numbers of recruits, also enclosed a report by ["J. H."] (12 March 1867), summarizes the weapons, uniforms and ammunition available to the Roberts faction Fenians, and their presumed targets; General Spear's role; and intentions to capture gunboats.

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