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late 18th century


London, England

Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined


Boyne & Walker
sold by: E. R. Fabre

1 print / estampe : etching on wove paper
Image: 27.300 x 37.800 cm (platemark)

Scope and content

The print depicts Cicero in a British Court Room.
Dec. 1975 - the print is cropped close to the platemark. It is soiled and surface worn, as well as being foxed (lower edge). There are glue and paper remnants on each corner of the verso.
Because of lack of space, field r801 was done in two parts.

Graphic (art)
99: Closed pending processing
020408 Item no. assigned by LAC 16
Restrictions not set
Other accession no.
1975-030 PIC

Terms of use

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1975-30-16 Source: transfer from the National Library, Georges A. Daviault Collection.

Additional name(s)

Additional information

Signatures and inscriptions
Inscribed. Dated.
Inscription: Inscribed recto: u.c. "Cicero Against Verres." in the plate; lower edge - "The time is come, Fathers, when that which has long been wished for, towards allaying the envy, your House has been subject to, & removing / the imputations against trials, is (not by human contrivance, but superior direction) effectually put in our power. An opinion has long / prevailed, not only here at home, but likewise in foreign countries, both dangerous to you, and pernicious to the state, viz. That, in prosecutions, / men of wealth are always safe, however clearly convicted. There is now to be brought upon his trial before you, to the confusion, I hope of / the propagators of this slanderous imputation, one, whose life and actions condemn him in the opinion of all impartial persons; but / who, according to his reckoning, and declated dependance upon his riches, is already aquitted; I mean W____ H____. I have / undertaken this prosecution, Fathers, at the general desire, and with the great exceptation of the British People, ______ / with the direct design of clearing your justice and impartiality before the world.
Inscription: For I have brought upon his trial, one, whose conduct has / been such, that, in passing a just sentence upon him, you will have an opportunity of re-establishing the credit of such trials; of recovering / whatever may be lost of the favour of the British People; and of satisfying foreign states and kingdoms in alliance with us, or tributary to us. I demand justice of you, Fathers, upon the robber of the public treasury, the oppressor of Afia, and the invador of the rights & privileges of Britons, the scourge and curse of Indoftan. If that sentence is passed upon him which his crimes deserve, your authority, Fathers, / will be venerable & sacred in the eyes of the public. But if his great riches should bias you in his favour, I shall still gain one point, viz. To make it apparent to all the world, that what was wanting in this case was not a criminal, nor a prosecutor; but justice, & adequate punishment. / Boyne & Walker No. 11, Great Turnstile, Lincolns Inn Fields." in the plate; l.r. of image - "IB" initials of engraver in the plate.

Subject heading

1. other.
2. autre.
3. SUBJ. - Other : Cicero Against Verres.


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