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Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

1 drawing / dessin : pencil on beige tinted wove paper
Support: 23.300 x 16.200 cm
Image: 23.300 x 16.200 cm
Secondary support: 36.300 x 28.600 cm (left edge jagged)

Scope and content

View of Halifax Harbour and the area of Dartmouth, with a road in the foreground. Attributed to Lady Falkland, who was in Halifax when her husband was governor of Nova Scotia, from 1840-46.
Augusta Louise Neville Haliburton (1823-1891) was a daughter of T. C. Haliburton, and an amateur artist herself (see artists file #705-2644). Ellen N. would be Ellen Nutting who executed 1990-207-92X. T. C. Haliburton cultivated the friendship of Lord Falkland in order to secure his posting to the Supreme Court. Haliburton was a friend of Lieut.-Col. Charles Richard Fox, who married Lady Falkland's sister Mary.
Fox was involved in the organization of the 1830 exhibition at Dalhousie College, and Mary was a student of W. H. Jones.
The Novascotian (Sept. 1, 1845) and the New York Albion (Sept. 14, 1844) record the Falkland and Haliburton families travelling together around the province. The inscription on this work suggests that Ellen Nutting also travelled with them.
The secondary support of this work is similar to 1990-207-73X, -81X, -90X, -99X, and -102X. All support Nova Scotian scenes attributed to Lady Falkland. Some have jagged left edges, suggesting that they were cut out of another album to be placed loose in this one.
This work has also been attributed to unknown artist #84.

Graphic (art)
99: Closed pending processing
Graphic (art)
Copy negative C-023348
Restrictions not set
Graphic (art)
99: Closed pending processing
A076-01 Item no. assigned by LAC 90
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Other accession no.
1990-207 X DAP

Terms of use

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1990-207-90
Copyright: Nil

Additional information

Removed from: album: pencil sketch mounted with glue on secondary support, which may have been inserted loose into the Falkland album, after being cut out of a different album

Signatures and inscriptions
Inscribed. Dated.
Inscription: in pen and brown ink on secondary support recto, l.l. under image: Augusta, U, [U is crossed out] and Ellen N./with me
Inscription: in pen and brown ink on secondary support recto, l.r. under image:Dartmouth N. Scotia/1844

Attributions and conjectures
Attributed to artist Viscountess Amelia Falkland.

Subject heading

1. Nova Scotia.
2. landscape.
3. paysage.


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