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Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

1 watercolour / aquarelle : watercolour and white gouache over pencil on grey tinted wove paper
Support: 30.200 x 20.300 cm
Image: 30.200 x 20.300 cm
Secondary support: 44.800 x 33.100 cm

Scope and content

Sketch of a European Landscape, with a building in the foreground and a town in the distance. It is the same subject as 1990-207- 29. Either 53 is a copy of 29, or an inferior copy of the same work that 29 is a copy of.
This work belongs to a group of unsigned watercolours over pencil on grey tinted paper, including 1990-207-24, -28, -29, -37, -44, -47, -48, -53, and -100. The subject matter is usually a European landscape.
They might be from the same trip. Several are attributed to Lady Falkland, and others of similar composition are probably executed by a second artist. This suggests a working relationship with another artist, either professional or amateur (social).

Graphic (art)
99: Closed pending processing
Graphic (art)
Copy negative C-105198
90: Open
Graphic (art)
99: Closed pending processing
Item no. assigned by LAC
Restrictions not set
Other accession no.
1990-207 X DAP

Terms of use

Credit: Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1990-207-53
Copyright: Nil

Additional information

album: watercolour mounted with glue on folio 62 recto

Attributions and conjectures
Attributed to artist Viscountess Amelia Falkland.

Subject heading

1. cityscape.
2. vue de ville.


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