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Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police [graphic material]. 



Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

ca. 190,000 photographs.
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
\\ Start date: 1996-12-03
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
from 04300 to 04305
from 2M DAP-19A-49 to 2M DAP-19A-50
90: Open
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
from 2001001934 to 2001001943
from RV8 310 to RV8 314
RV8 309.1
INT 024
from RCMP 1 to RCMP 313
from RCMP 315 to RCMP 317
RCMP 146.1
90: Open
BAN no.
Former registration no.
Other accession no.
1996-400 DAP
Local class no.
Glass negs 04300 to 04304 (2M/DAP-17A)
2M/DAP-19A-49 to 2M/DAP-19A-50
1537 nitrates RV8-309.1 to RV8-314
b/w prints - Subject Series RCMP1 to RCMP122 (PANL 3M/BAY 379 to BAY 384)
safety negatives - Numeric Series RCMP123 to RCMP147 (PANL 3M/BAY 384 & BAY 385)
diacetate negatives - Numeric Series RCMP147 (PANL 3M/BAY 385)
b/w prints - Numeric Series RCMP148 to RCMP163 (PANL 3M/BAY 039 & BAY 040)
b/w prints & negatives - numeric series RCMP164 to RCMP207 (PANL 3M/BAY 385 to BAY 387)
colour negatives - 15 containers RCMP208 to RCMP217 PANL 3M/BAY 387 & BAY 388
colour transparencies RCMP218 to RCMP219 PANL 3M/BAY 388
colour negatives, b/w negs & prints RCMP220 to RCMP222 PANL 3M/BAY 388
index cards - 13 containers RCMP296 to RCMP308 PANL 3M/BAY 388
colour prints - 28 containers RCMP223 to RCMP250 PANL 3M/BAY 036 to BAY 037
colour prints & negatives - 4 containers RCMP251 to RCMP254 PANL 3M/BAY 037
colour proofs & negatives - 14 containers RCMP255 to RCMP260 PANL 3M/BAY 037 & BAY 038
colour prints RCMP261 to RCMP268 PANL/3M BAY 038
colour negatives - 21 containers RCMP269 to RCMP289 PANL 3M/BAY 038
colour prints - 4 containers RCMP290 to RCMP293 PANL 3M/BAY 038
finding aid - registers & accession reports RCMP294 to RCMP295 PANL 3M/BAY 040
glass negatives RCMP309 PANL 3M/BAY 387
slides RCMP310 to RCMP312 PANL 3M/BAY 387
film? RCMP313 PANL 3M/BAY 387

Terms of use

Items more than fifty years old Copyright: Expired
Items taken by or for the RCMP, and less than fifty years old Copyright: National Archives of Canada.
Items less than fifty years old, not taken by or for the RCMP Copyright: Unknown
Credit: National Archives of Canada
Graphic (photo):Items more than fifty years old Copyright: Expired
Graphic (photo):Items taken by or for the RCMP, and less than fifty years old Copyright: National Archives of Canada.
Graphic (photo):Items less than fifty years old, not taken by or for the RCMP Copyright: Unknown
Graphic (photo): Credit: National Archives of Canada

Graphic (photo): Original registers and acession reports located in 2000842303-4. Original alphabetical index by subject located in 2000842305-06. Original alphabetical index to RCMP members located in 2000842307-317 FA-297 90 (Paper)

Additional information

Black and white prints. Prints arranged by subject headings in a file formerly used as a finding aid/image index; also, prints physically located in the same envelopes as the black and white negatives.. The photographs in the RCMP collection include images from the beginnings of the force in the 1870s to the 1990s. Because of the force's original mandate to police in the North West, and because of its continuing function as a provincial police force in the western provinces, much of the photography deals with the west, and with the north. The contents cover many of the activities of the force (although some areas, such as surveillance, forensic photography, pornography, clandestine operations, and so forth are not included). The subject headings include: animals, air services (including photographs of many different types of aircraft, aircraft maintenance, aircrew, etc.); bands (arranged on virtually a year-by-year basis for many years); marine and boats (by name of the craft involved) including some specific areas such as rum-runners; cartoons about force activities; churches; ceremonial and church parades; portraits of Commissioners; views concerning different criminal cases; views concerning detachments (arrangements are ly and alphabetically arranged by province and locality within each province), including old forts; disasters; documents; dogs and their equipment; Inuit (under "Eskimo"); weapons and firearms; funerals; graves and memorials, plaques, and memorial services; historical events; horses; First Nations (under "Indians"); insignia; inspections; Japanese re-location centres; jubilee; letters; maps; meetings and conferences; ministers of justice; miscellaneous; training and classes; movies and poetry; museums; musical rides (arranged chronologically); photographs of individuals and groups; parties and picnics; patrols and expeditions; penetentiaries; police department; presentations; provost corps; public relations; radio; RCMP reserves; Royal Easter Show; Scenes - general; teams and sports; training; transportation (and accidents); uniforms; youth and police; veterans; visits (arranged chronologically); and weapons.

Colour prints. Prints arranged alphabetically by subject in the same fashion as the black and white prints. These have the same general subject headings as do the black and white prints, although there are considerably fewer colour prints. These prints cover the period from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Black and white negatives. These include many copy negatives of photographs acquired from third-party sources, as well as original negatives from internal and external sources. They are directly related to the black and white print file by negative number.. The black and white negatives include a number of images which are not found in the print file, as the file effectively was closed in the mid-1970s. There are some black and white negatives in the accession file material (see below), but they are widely scattered. They cover the same subject areas as already discussed.

Colour negatives. The colour negatives are found in several different file units. From about 1957, 4 x 5 in and 2 1/4 in negatives were collected by the Photo Library, covering a wide variety of RCMP activities. This negative series continued until the mid-1970s, and petered out in the mid-1980s. It was effectively replaced by the series of accession-numbered files, which include many items from detachments around the country, single subjects such as royal tours and the visit of Pope John Paul, and some public relations material. A final series of colour negatives are arranged alphabetically by the name of the individual photograhed.

Colour slides Colour slides, taken from the early 1960s to the 1980s, covering many aspects of force activities across the country. A log book provides item-level description of this series for much of the 1960s.

Language note
Language of accompanying material: english.


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