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Prime Ministerial and political material [graphic]  

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Sub-series comprises material relating primarily to Canada's Prime Ministers with additional political material of a more general interest. Prime Ministerial material includes portraits of Prime Ministers from Sir John A. Macdonald to Brian Mulroney. Of note are three portrait sketches by Henri Julien of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Sir Charles Tupper; political caricatures by Blaine, Jack Boothe, Andy Donato, Terry Mosher, James Simpkins and Lou Skuce; and campaign posters for virtually all Canadian Prime Ministers including Kim Campbell. Miscellaneous electoral campaign material includes a paper dress worn by campaign workers for the 1968 Liberal leadership convention featuring an image of Pierre Elliott Trudeau; a large banner used for a Conservative Party leadership campaign with an image of John Diefenbaker; ribbons, rare political buttons, match covers, blotters, fake currency, promotional postcards and Christmas cards. Philatelic items comrpise sheets of labels with images of Prime Ministers from Sir John A. Macdonald to Joe Clark. Some of the more than three hundred trade cards highlight such politicians as Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir John Thompson, Oliver Mowat, Sir Hector-Louis Langevin, Sir Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau, Sir John Abbott, Alexander Mackenzie, Sir Richard Cartwright, Sir Charles Tupper, and William Lyon Mackenzie King. There are also trade cards for the Countess and Earl of Aberdeen and for many provincial Premiers and Lieutenant-Governors. A rare 1885 set of cards caricatures Macdonald and his cabinet in various scenes of playing baseball with the opposition. Medallic items range from commemorative pins on the deaths of several early Prime Ministers to election buttons for Prime Ministers beginning with Sir John A. Macdonald through to Kim Campbell and Brian Mulroney. Postcards commemorate such events as the 1911 coronation, Royal visits, official openings of public works and visits by Earl Gray, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Connaught. Photographic material of note relating to Prime Ministers includes an 1890 portrait of John Abbott, with accompanying letter (1868); two cabinet cards of Samuel Leonard Tilley, ca. 1868 by The Notman Studio, Ottawa; a signed Topley portrait of Robert Borden by W.J. Topley and one (1908) by Montminy & Cie, Quebec ; a cabinet card signed by Sir John A. Macdonald, a photograph of his grave and a rare image of his funeral procession (1891), both by Henry Henderson, Kingston, Ont.; cdvs and cabinet portraits of Marquis of Lorne and Princess Louise, ca. 1871; a cdv of "Toronto Grenadiers" with # 10 on the medal cap by G. McConley, Toronto, ca. 1865; a portrait of Alexander Mackenzie; an autographed cabinet card of Lady Agnes Macdonald; an 1898 group photograph, with Sir Wilfrid Laurier, of the Quebec International Commission; a 1912 signed portrait of Sir Charles Tupper by Gauvin and Gentzel, Winnipeg, Man.; a 1935 autographed portrait of R.B. Bennett; and two Karsh photographs of Louis St. Laurent (1947 and 1953), signed by both photographer and sitter; signed photograph of Mrs. and Mr. Louis St.Laurent, March 1949. Items of general interest include an 1898 studio group portrait of the International Committee in Quebec; Wilfrid Laurier sitting next to Charles Tupper (former PM and then High Commissioner of Canada to Britain) while he was in England attending Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June 1897; signed portraits of Lord and Lady Minto, 1901; portraits of Lord and Lady Byng taken between 1922-1932; Harmonie de Montréal (3eme Bataillon des Carabiniers Victoria du Canada, photo by Notman & Sandham; a photo of a Niagara Falls procession for the 1919 visit of the Prince of Wales; cabinet cards of Prince of Wales and his family; post 1876; a large photograph of British Empire Service League, Mace and Speaker, iincluding W.L.M. King, House of Commons, Ottawa, June 29th, 1925; Nova Scotia Liberal Members, Dominion Parlement, 1904; Notman Studio Composite of Dalhousie graduating science class, Halifax, N.S.; Notman Photo Composite of Montreal Snow Shoe Club, 1877; First General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Montreal,1875, photo by John Inglis; Synod "Canada Presbyterian Church", Montreal, 1861, photo by Notman and the Synod of the Canada Presbyterian Church, 1869, Hamilton, photo by R. Milne; group photo of The First General Conference of the United Methodist Church, 1883, Belleville, Ont., photo by J.H. Ford; and a photo of William Lyon Mackenzie King with King George and Queen Mary. Other items of note are a carte de visite by Notman signed by sitter Darcy McGee, and two 1871 cabinet cards of the Dominion Cabinet by Notman. More contemporary works include two large colour photographs of Margaret and Pierre Trudeau with a group of unidentified professional skaters as well as candid shots showing several leaders at various sports events, on the election trail and giving speeches. Photo of The Quebec Conference, August 1943.

Graphic (art)
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from 519 to 532
from 544 to 564
from 566 to 601
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Graphic (photo)
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from 477 to 481
from 1494 to 1498
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