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Marian Scott collection [graphic material]. 

Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

ca. 783 photographs b&w
ca. 367 photographs col.
ca. 18 negatives b&w
ca. 493 slides col.
Graphic (art)
90: Open
Documents must be consulted with an art
Graphic (photo)
90: Open
Former registration no.
Other accession no.
1995-115 DAP
Local class no.
366 colour prints TCS01321
616 colour negs, slies TCS01320
661 b&w prints 06292-06292.1
15 b&w negs 06369
b&w print SC02013

Terms of use

art material Nil
Photographs except by Y. Karsh Nil
Photographs by Y. Karsh See accession 1987-054
art material Copyright: Estate of Marian Scott
Photographs more than 50 years old Copyright: Expired
Photographs less than 50 years old Copyright: Various copyrights
Credit: National Archives of Canada
Graphic (other):art material Nil
Graphic (other):Photographs except by Y. Karsh Nil
Graphic (other):Photographs by Y. Karsh See accession 1987-054
Graphic (other):art material Copyright: Estate of Marian Scott
Graphic (other):Photographs more than 50 years old Copyright: Expired
Graphic (other):Photographs less than 50 years old Copyright: Various copyrights
Graphic (other): Credit: National Archives of Canada

Graphic (other):photographs printed articles about Marian Scott Accession File (Paper)

Additional information

art material Norman Bethune sick in bed.. Work is by Norman Bethune.

Photographs Group 1: Formal and informal photographs of Marian (Dale) Scott, her husband F.R. Scott, their son Peter and family; Marian Scott and F.R. Scott among friends, including Anne Scotton, Philip and Margaret Surrey, Pegi Nichols, Claire Laporte, John and Marion Glassco, Sheila Fischman and Ron Graham; albums compiled by F.R. Scott as a student at Oxford University; trips and visits of Marian Scott and F.R. Scott. Photographers represented in Groups 1-5 are: Chris F. Payne, Lois Lord, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Dominion Gallery, Sam Tata, Dora, Wm. Blackburn, Yousuf Karsh, Yvan Boulerice, Service de Cine-Photographie Province de Quebec, Roy J. Jacoby, Yves Martin, Sarah H. Tobe, Shirley Clarke, Swaine, William Toye, London Stereoscopic Co., Wm. Notman & Son, Gerda, Von Behr, Gilman & Co., John Steele, Adolphe, Morris Edwards.

Photographs Group 2: Formal and informal photographs included in correspondence from friends, including Elizabeth Grove-White and King Gordon, Dawn Trent, Anne Scotton.

Photographs Group 3: Photographs pertaining to Dr. Norman Bethune: Bethune in Madrid, 1937; gravemarker of Bethune in China; Bethune's painted self-portrait and memorial plaque given to the People of China by McGill University, 1971; presentation album commemorating Bethune's work in China given by Chen Wen Chieh and Ha-Hsian Wen; Bethune's birth house (museum).

Photographs Group 4: Photographic documentation of works of art by Marian Scott, 1930s-1980s, including the following titles: Cello, Fossils, Cell and Crystal, Dividing Cell, Atom Bone and Embrio (sic), Cell and Fossil, Figures, Burning Bush, Community, Group, Hugh MacLennan, Figure, Iconic, Apostles, Facade, Figures in Architecture, Couple, Montreal General Hospital chapel, Tree of Jesse, Lorne Crescent, Building a Cabin, Impression, June 28 1985, May 22 1985, Quebec fields, Crocus, Fire Escape, Grain Elevator, Field, Stone and Protoplasm, Generation, Tulip, Still Life, Tenants, Cement, Hairdresser, Bud, Dock, Sans Titre.

Photographs Group 5: Miscellaneous views, mostly unidentified, sent to or collected by Marian Scott.


Other system control no.