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Bureau of Epidemiology registry files [textual record]. 

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51.0 m of textual records

Scope and content

Sub-series consists of registry files created and/or maintained by the Bureau of Epidemiology and its predecessors. Volumes 1145-1277 contain information collected by the Department of Health on 86 different diseases and their incidence within the country. Also included are records of departmental dealings with a number of Canadian associations for disease research and prevention such as the Canadian Cancer Association.

Textual records
96: Restrictions vary
from 186 to 187
from 192 to 193
from 199 to 200
from 202 to 205
from 221 to 222
from 530 to 533
from 1145 to 1149
from 1151 to 1152
from 1155 to 1179
from 1184 to 1185
from 1187 to 1191
from 1193 to 1199
from 1201 to 1226
from 1228 to 1237
from 1239 to 1240
from 1243 to 1250
from 1252 to 1253
from 1264 to 1269
from 1271 to 1274
32: Restricted by law
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96: Restrictions vary
from 190 to 191
from 194 to 198
from 208 to 210
from 214 to 220
from 287 to 301
from 491 to 497
from 499 to 505
from 1153 to 1154
from 1180 to 1183
from 1241 to 1242
from 1256 to 1263
from 1275 to 1276
90: Open
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Textual records The finding aid's file level descriptions can be accessed through the "consists of" field in the MIKAN record. A paper copy is also available in the Reference room. The finding aid relates to volumes 287-301. 29-1 90 (Electronic)

Textual records Finding aid 29-14 is a typed card index relating to volumes 186-222, 491-505, 529-533. 29-14 90 (Paper)

Textual records The finding aid's file level descriptions can be accessed through the "consists of" field in the MIKAN record. A paper copy is also available in the Reference room. Finding aid 29-16 is a computer generated boxlist relating to volumes 186-222, 491-505, 529-533, 1145-1277. 29-16 90 (Electronic)

Biography / Administrative history

When the Department of Health was created in 1919 it acquired responsibility for the control of communicable disease within Canada. The Epidemiology Division was concerned with studying factors governing disease causation in population groups including causal genetic, social, and environmental factors. In addition to its other duties, the division also provided consultation on epidemiological problems to the Health Services Branch, other departments, and to outside agencies. The first Epidemiology Division was established in 1937 by Pensions and National Health but ceased to function in 1939. Following the recommendations of the National Epidemiological Survey in Canada in 1947, the Division was re-established by changing the name of the Tuberculosis Control Division, and in January 1951, the Venereal Disease Control Division was added. From 1953 to 1966, Epidemiology was part of the Research Development section of the Health Services Directorate; in February, 1966, the Health Services Directorate was further re-organized and consolidated into the Health Services Branch and the Health Insurance and Resources Branch. In 1972, a major departmental reorganization resulted in the creation of the Health Protection Branch where epidemiology is currently the Bureau of Communicable Disease Epidemiology in the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control (LCDC). The major objectives of this Bureau include consultation, outbreak investigation, and dissemination of information.

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