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Registered correspondence [textual record, architectural drawing, cartographic material]. 

Sub-series consists of



Place of creation


198.3 m of textual records
3 architectural drawings
1 map ms., some hand col. 67 x 87 cm.

Scope and content

Sub-series consists of registered correspondence filed in the new registry system established by the Department of Public Works in 1879, a system that differed from its predecessor in that a new subject classification system was introduced. The number of subjects assigned was greatly reduced, from more than 300 in the 1859-1879 registry to 44 in this registry. As before, each document received or sent was given a docket number and the documents were filed in numerical order by that docket number. Registers were prepared for each subject and they have been arranged as volumes 1829-2081. The original arrangement of the records (by docket number) has not been disturbed, except that the correspondence to 1892 in volumes 844-874 has been screened and most of the correspondence destroyed. The correspondence after 1892 remains intact.
Sub-series contains architectural drawings of Grosse Isle quarantine station proposed quarters for employees; a plan of the waterfront of the city of Toronto; a plan on Grand Pabos River Point; and a map of the Klondyke region showing existing and proposed roads..

Architectural: technical drawings
90: Open
Cartographic material
90: Open
Textual records
90: Open
from 844 to 1821
90: Open
Graphic (art)
32: Restricted by law
32: Restricted by law
Archival reference no.
Former archival reference no.

Terms of use

Copyright belongs to the Crown.
Architectural, technical drawing: Copyright belongs to the Crown. Credit Library and Archives Canada.
Cartographic material: Copyright belongs to the Crown. Credit Library and Archives Canada.

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Additional information

Source of title
Title is based on the contents of the sub-series.

No further accruals are expected.

Availability of other formats note
Photocopies of the cover sheets of all dockets remaining from 1879-1892 are available.