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General registry files [textual record, technical drawing, cartographic material]. 

Sub-series consists of



Place of creation

No place, unknown, or undetermined

x m of textual records
1 v. : 63 plans, folded ; 35 cm.
4 maps : 2 on Mylar, 2 blueprints, hand col. in pencil crayon ; 107 x 149 cm or smaller.

Scope and content

Series consists of central registry files created and/or maintained by the Marine Group and its predecessors Canadian Marine Transportation Administration and Marine Services. Volumes 5438-5439 contain navigation files relating to the Marine Group central registry records(central registry blocks 7502, 7514, 7700). Volumes 5382-5394 consist of Marine Group central registry files relating primarily to the registration of individual ships and the activities of the Park Steamship Company. Other files pertain to a variety of subjects such as Justice Department rulings, lists of shipping, policy regarding approval of vessel names, war losses of Canadian registered ships, 1939-1945, list of vessels sold by War Assets and former CD vessels registered after the First World War at various Nova Scotia ports and at St. John's, Newfoundland prior to Confederation. Also included is a register of Records of Endorsements of Change of Masters, Pictou. Volumes 5177-5236 consist of Marine Group registry files concerning a variety of subjects, including conferences and committees; facilities planning; wharves, agencies and depots; surveyors and port wardens; public harbours; harbours and harbour masters; waterlots; lighthouses; telecommunications; waterways; international relations; pollution; seismic surveys; wrecks and derelicts; pilotage; shipping masters; shipbuilding; ice-breaking; Coast Guard fleet activities; steamship inspection; ferries; foreshore; wharfingers and wharves; and air cushion vehicles. Volumes 4055-4062 consists of central registry files pertaining to Canadian Government Ships, Lighthouses, agencies and depots, conferences and committees, medals and awards and meteorological duties. Volume 5130 consists of files relating exclusively to the operation of the public wharf at Hull, Quebec. Volumes 2828-2834 contain registry files, formerly 8210-118 to 8217-182, now 8200-9147 to 8200-10741 dealing with cable ferries, dams and powerhouses, and dumping under the navigable waters protection act. Included in this series are Marine Transportation Administration central registry files. Volumes 50-62 includes files on various harbours and ports and on harbour under commission in British Columbia (New Westminster, Fraser River and North Fraser River). Also included are files on aids to navigation in various locations in New Brunswick, Quebec and Nova Scotia; the North Atlantic Ice Patrol; navigable waters (Pollution and Icebreaking), as well as a run of files on wrecks, casualties and salvage. Volumes 4114-4127 contains registry files relating to the various marine related responsibilities of the department. These include: conferences and committees, publicity, general administration, pay and allowances, public harbours and harbour masters, harbour commissions, aids to navigation, seamen's unions, water power development, navigable waters, shipbuilding, steamship inspection and wrecks, casualties and salvage. Volumes 5131-5151 contain registry files related to the establishment and operation of lighthouses (Series 8010 and 8012). Volumes 5237-5263 consist of registry files related to a variety of subjects, including the marine safety advisory council; transportation of dangerous goods; the Trent-Severn Waterway; agencies and depots; harbours and ports; carriage of cargoes; lighthouse sites; international arrangements; pilotage; and shipwreck investigations. Also included is one bound volume of technical drawings to accompany notes on the Morris Canal, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, the Louisville and Portland Canal, the Erie Canal, Canadian canals, canals along the Illinois River, the Mississippi River, and the Des Moines Rapids Canal. Volume is entitled, "Plates to accompany notes on some of the chief navigable rivers and canals, in the United States and Canada", by George T. Walch, executive engineer.

Architectural: technical drawings
90: Open
Textual records
96: Restrictions vary
from 50 to 53
from 55 to 62
from 2828 to 2829
from 2831 to 2834
from 4055 to 4062
from 4114 to 4120
from 4122 to 4127
from 5130 to 5132
from 5135 to 5151
from 5177 to 5263
from 5361 to 5366
from 5381 to 5393
from 5438 to 5439
32: Restricted by law
Textual records
96: Restrictions vary
from 5133 to 5134
90: Open
Cartographic material
90: Open
90: Open
Archival reference no.
Former archival reference no.

Terms of use

Copyright belongs to the Crown.
Technical drawings, cartographic material: Copyright belongs to the Crown. Credit Library and Archives Canada.

Finding aid 12-26 is a computer generated file list relating to volumes 4114-4127. 12-26 (Electronic)

Finding aid 12-27 is a computer generated file list relating to volumes 4055-4062. 12-27 (Electronic)

Finding aid 12-72 is a computer generated file list relating to volume 5130. 12-72 (Electronic)

Finding aid 12-98 is a handwritten file list relating to volumes 5237-5263. 12-98 (Paper)

Finding aid 12-99 is a handwritten file list relating to volumes 5177-5236. 12-99 (Paper)

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Finding aid 12-130 is a typed box list relating to volumes 5131-5151. 12-130 (Paper)

Finding aid 12-134 is a computer generated box list relating to volumes 5438-5439. 12-134 (Electronic)

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Finding aid 12-214 is a computer generated box list relating to volume 5394. 12-214 (Electronic)

There are no finding aids for volumes 50-62, 2828-2834. (No finding aid)

Technical drawings Finding aid consists of the indexed list photocopied from the book. Finding aid available in main reference room. RG12M 80103-52 90 (Paper)

Additional name(s)

Additional information

RG12M 80103-52: Plans are mainly cross-sections of canals, their equipment, and bridges. Plates #55, 56, 57, and 58 deal with Canadian canals. Mr. Walch worked for the Madras Public Works Department.

Physical description note
RG12M 80103-52: Technical drawings: List stamped: Public Works Secretariat Library, no. 802.

Physical condition note
RG12M 80103-52: Technical drawings: Front cover, first two pages, back cover and its facing page are torn off of spine. Cover rusted throughout spine and corners. Plans brittle, discoloured along outside edges. Tears along folds of a few plans. Vol. tied together with two ribbons.

Custodial history
RG12M 80103-52: Volume of technical drawings transferred 6 April 1962, from the Dept. of Transport to the National Map Collection, accession 927.

Source of title
Title is based on the contents of the sub-series.

Further accruals are expected.

Related materials
Researchers should also consult the related records found in the Headquarters Central registry system as well as the records found in the regional office series.

Cartographic math data
Technical drawings: Scales differ.

Arrangement note
The records in this sub-series are central registry files with a clear provenance link to the Marine Group and its predecessors. Central registry files that have been inextricably merged will be found in the central registry series.

Preferred citation note
RG12M 80103-52: Madras [India] : Printed at the Lawrence Asylum Press, Mount Road by W.H. Moore, 1879

Accompanying material note
RG12M 80103-52: Accompanying text: Notes on some of the chief navigable rivers and canals in the United States and Canada, made for the government of Madras during a tour in 1876. Text lacking.

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1. 2001/012
2. 1992-93/064 GAD
3. 80103/52 CA
4. 120-000064-1
5. 2007-00168-3
6. RG12-B
7. RG12M 80103/52
8. RG12-A-1
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