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25.8 m of textual records

Scope and content

Series consists of operational records created by A Division and contain routine investigation information relating to occurrences investigated by the RCMP, or to unsubstantiated information being evaluated to determine if it relates to an actual occurrence. The files were created in the normal course of business for the RCMP. They are assigned a four digit alpha-numeric code, called an OSR code which classifies a case by the most serious offence arising from an occurrence. The records include occurrence reports and supporting evidence.

Textual records
32: Restricted by law
from 4912 to 4958
from 5964 to 5981
from 7107 to 7144
32: Restricted by law
Textual records
32: Restricted by law
from 13382 to 13408
32: Restricted by law
Archival reference no.
Former archival reference no.

Terms of use

Copyright belongs to the Crown.

Finding aid 18-32 is a computer generated file list that refers to volumes 5964-5981. 18-32 (Electronic)

Finding aid 18-33 is a typed file list that refers to volumes 4912-5129. 18-33 (Paper)

Finding aid 18-52 is a typed file list that refers to volumes 7107 to 7144. 18-52 (Paper)

Textual records Finding aid 18-49 is an unverified file list relating to R196 volumes 13382 -- 13408. 18-49 99 (Electronic)

Biography / Administrative history

The mounted party of 275 officers and men of the fledgling North-West Mounted police that left Fort Dufferin, Manitoba in 1874 were divided into six troops or divisions, identified by letters "A" through "F". A Division was initially located at Fort Edmonton. In 1875 it moved to Fort Saskatchewan. The Division was assigned to Fort Walsh in 1880-1881, and then, in 1883, it was relocated to Maple Creek where it remained for 37 years. In 1920, A Division was relocated to the National Capital Region where it is currently under the direction of the Deputy Commissioner Central Region. RCMP website,

Additional information

Source of title
Title is based on the contents of the series.

Further accruals are expected.

Related materials
Records related to Maple Creek are found in the detachment records sub-series of the K Division series (RG18-C-8, Vols. 3788, 3029).


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