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1. Policy Branch [textual record] (123-000191-3)
2. Administrative records of the Financial and Management Services Division, Policy Branch [textual records] (1999-00370-5)
3. Operational records of the Competitiveness Division, Policy Branch [textual record] (1999-00371-3)
4. Operational records of the Task Force on Competitiveness in the Agri-Food Industry [textual records] (1999-00372-1)
5. Operational records of the Policy Coordination and Analysis Division, Policy Branch [textual records] (1999-00373-X)
6. Operational files of the Farm Economics and Regulatory Policy Division, Policy Branch [textual records] (1999-00376-4)
7. Administrative and operational files of the Strategic Planning Division, Policy Branch [textual record] (1999-00378-0)
8. Administrative and operational files of the Policy Branch [textual record] (1999-00379-9)
9. Administrative and operational files of the International Agriculture Development Division, Policy Branch [textual record] (1999-00380-2)
10. Operational files of Policy Coordination Division, Policy Branch [textual record] (1999-00385-3)
11. Meeting minutes of the Policy Coordination Committee [textual record] (2000-00881-X)
12. Minutes of the Policy Coordination Committee [textual record] (2000-00883-6)
13. Operational files of the Legislated Marketing Programs Division. [textual record] (2000-00886-0)
14. Operational files of the Food Marketing Analysis Division. [textual record] (2000-00892-5)
15. Administrative files of the Policy Branch [textual record] (2000-01494-1)
16. Administrative files of the National Marketing Divsion [textual record] (2000-01500-X)
17. Records of Policy Branch [textual record] (2002-00107-3)
18. Operational records of Marketing and Economics Division [textual record] (2004-00419-3)
19. Administrative and operational files of the Policy Branch [textual record] (2008-00068-0)
20. Administrative and operational files of the Policy Branch [textual record] (2008-00587-9)
21. Administrative and operational files of the Policy Branch [textual record] (2008-00604-2)



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This is a preliminary record, please consult the linked accessions. Series consists of records created and/or accumulated by the Policy Branch.

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Biography / Administrative history

Through the Policy Branch, the department develops agricultural policy that supports broad governmental policies, focussed on improving the performance of Canada's agricultural system and ensures a long-term supply of agricultural products and food. The Branch produces market intelligence and commodity and food market forecasts. It also develops and analysis legislation and regulations that affect the agri-food sector. The Branch also provides a focal point for relations with the provinces and with industry. RG17 General Inventory

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