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CO 327. British North America, General Registers [textual record (microform)]. 

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1 microfilm reel negative & positive.

Scope and content

Colonial Office 327 consists of emigration correspondence registers for British North America. This class derives from the four general and emigration "subject" registers created by the Colonial Office in 1849-1850. They were: CO 327, British North America, Emigration Registers; CO 328, British North America, General Registers; CO 375, West Indies, Register of Correspondence (not copied by the Archives); and CO 428, Emigration, Register of Correspondence. It was at this time that the Colonial Office was developing its modern registry systems. Consequently the registers exhibit many anomalies and irregularities especially in the early years covered by the registers. This material is available on microfilm reel B-1627. Colonial Office 327 was discontinued in 1863 when it was fused with CO 328 which was itself closed following Confederation. Despite the fact that most North American emigration correspondence was registered in CO 327, procedural changes in the Colonial Office resulted in the actual correspondence being filed with various classes including: CO 384, Emigration, Original Correspondence; CO 6, British North America, Original Correspondence; CO 42, Canada, Original Correspondence. The following list provides the years, register class and class of correspondence to which the CO 327 registers pertain: PRO Index Room No. 12875, Years 1850-1855, CO 327 vol. 1, Class of Correspondence CO 384, vols. 88-95; PRO Index Room Number 12876, Year 1856, CO 327 vol. 2, Class of Correspondence CO 42 vol. 606 (correspondence integrated with Emigration, Canada); PRO Index Room Number 12876, Years 1857-1859, CO 327, vol. 2, Class of Correspondence CO 6, vol. 24; PRO Index Room Number 12876, Years 1859-1863, CO 327 vol. 2, Class of Correspondence CO 6, vols. 25-38 (Emigration "subject" becomes "Public Office" until 1863).

Textual records: microform
Microfilm reel B-1627
90: Open
Textual records: microform
90: Open
Microfilm reel
90: Open
Former archival reference no.

Finding aid no. 90, British Records on Microfilm, lists the material available on film. MSS0090 (Paper)

Additional information

Arrangement note
The CO 327 registers classify emigration correspondence relating to British North American in one or two, rather than the usual three, sections: "Public and Miscellaneous Offices" or "Individuals". The order of the various "Offices" in the registers (e.g., Admiralty, Foreign Office, Treasury) rarely corresponds to the order in the complementary class of correspondence. However, within each "Office" the order remains the same: numerical according to registry number and chronological according to date. Further information may be found in the published General Inventory of Manuscript Group 11.

Subject heading

1. Great Britain - Emigration and immigration, 1850-1863.
2. British North America - Emigration and immigration, 1850-1863.
3. Great Britain. Colonial Office - Emigration registers, 1850-1863.
4. Colonies Administration. Great Britain
5. Colonies Administration. Grande-Bretagne


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