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Library and Archives Canada collects, in hardcopy, a select number of Canadian current daily newspapers, all Canadian ethnic newspapers, all Canadian native newspapers, and student newspapers received from the Canadian university press. All print issues may be consulted on site, or requests for articles from them may be made through the services of your local library.

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Facts about newspapers

Highest circulation for Canadian newspapers

The Toronto Star
The Globe and Mail
Le journal de Montréal
The Vancouver Sun
The Toronto Sun
La presse
The Edmonton Journal
The Ottawa Citizen
The Vancouver Province
The Montreal Gazette

Source: Canadian Advertising Rates & Data. -- July 1995. -- Audit Bureau of Circulations, 1994. (Statistics based on Monday-to-Friday.)

General information about newspapers

Post och Inrikes Tidningar. -- Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, 1645.
New York times. -- Sunday, October 17, 1965. -- 15 sections, 946 pages; 7 1/2 lbs., 3.40 kg.
Daily banner, Roseberg, Oregon. -- February 1, 2, 1876. (surviving) -- 3 X 3 3/4 inches; 7.6 X 9.5 cm.
First Canadian newspaper
Halifax gazette. -- March 23, 1752.
First French-Canadian newspaper
Le canadien. (Québec and Montréal) -- November, 1806.
Longest-running newspaper in Canada and the United States
The Quebec Gazette / La gazette de Québec. -- 1764. -- now Chronicle-Telegraph.
First daily published in Canada
Daily advertiser, Montréal. -- May 14, 1833.
First ethnic newspaper in Canada
Die Welt, und Neuschottländische Correspondenz, Halifax. -- January 1788.
Oldest weekly newspaper
Cobourg star, Cobourg, Ontario. -- 1831. -- now Cobourg Sentinel Star.

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