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Incunabula index for the second accession

A. Hebrew Incunabula

Bible. Former Prophets. Samuel I-II
נביאים ראשונים. שמואל א-ב
Nevi'im Rishonim
Leiria (Portugal): Samuel Dortas, 27 January, 1494

Goff Heb-23

Bible. Hagiographa. Five Scrolls
חמש מגילות
Hamesh Megilot
Naples: Joseph b. Jacob Ashkenazi Gunzenhauser, 26 September, 1487

Goff Heb-26

Levi b. Gershom (Gersonides)
Commentary on the Torah
פירוש התורה
Perush ha-Torah
Mantua: Abraham b. Solomon Conat and Abraham Jedidiah ha-Ezrahi, ca 1474

Goff Heb-69

B. Latin Incunabula

Bible. Latin. Vulgate
Biblia Latina
Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 6 August 1479

Goff B-564

Bible. Latin. Vulgate.
Biblia Latina
Basel: Johann Froben, 27 October 1495

Goff B-598

The Incunabula, Hebraica & Judaica: 1981 Exhibition Catalogue is available online.

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