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C.I.L. - Amunition Division - Brownsburg - Payroll - 1937- 1938. 1937-1938. File.
R15655-445-8-E. Volume/box number94.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Finding aid number: MSS2584


Canada - east Coast Saint Lawrence River Entrance Anticosti Island to Pointe Des Monts Sources: Canadian Government charts to 1938 with later corrections. 14 October 1838; 29 May 1992. File.
R11630-3517-8-E. Volume/box number5698.
Maps and cartographic material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Copyright: British Government This chart was first published 14 October 1938. 71 x 122 cm. This chart was first published 14 October 1938.


National parks of Canada, Golden Revelstoke highway, Donald Base, season 1939, season 1938 [graphic material] 1938-1939. File.
Photographs. [Access: Open]. Government.
Album contains photographs showing the construction of the Golden Revelstoke Highway and Donald Base in 1938 and 1939.


General Committee, CPR Lines East: minutes, 1938. 1938. File.
R2768-630-1-E. Volume/box number272.
Textual material. [Access: Restricted]. Private.
Finding aid number: MSS1004
File consists of meeting minutes for the General Committee, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen (BRT), Canadian Pacific Railway (CP), Lines East.


Employee Earnings - 1938. 1938. File.
R15655-446-X-E. Volume/box number95.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Finding aid number: MSS2584


Register of wrecks and casualties - St. Lawrence River and Gulf - Register of wreck - Inland waters - 1918-1938. n.d. File.
R11476-85-X-E. Volume/box number26.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Finding aid number: MSS2622
This file contains handwritten notes regarding a register of wrecks in inland waters, 1918-1938; a register of wrecks and casualties in the St.


Estates - Tahltan First Nation - Pretty, Old Mrs. - DOB 1856 - DOD Jan 2, 1938. 1938-1945. File (Accession level).
RG10. File numberE5090-682-PRETTY. BAN2011-00570-1.
Textual material. [Access: Restricted by law]. Government.
Finding aid number: 10-650


Work Disability Payroll - 1938-1941. 1938-1941. File.
R15655-447-1-E. Volume/box number96.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Private.
Finding aid number: MSS2584


Prince Edward Island National Park - Report on 1938 Construction Program in Connection with P.E.I. National Park, W.C. Muidie. 1939-08/03. File.
RG84-A-2-a. Volume/box number1779. File numberPEI2A Report 38/39. Copied container numberT-10504.
Textual material. [Access: Open]. Government.
Finding aid number: 84-2

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