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Services for Federal Libraries

This page provides links to services and tools for federal libraries.

For a comprehensive list of Library and Archives Canada links to services and tools for the Library community, please consult For Libraries.

Federal Libraries Coordination Secretariat (FLCS)
The Federal Libraries Coordination Secretariat (FLCS), is the means by which Library and Archives Canada fulfills its legislated mandate to coordinate federal library service.

  • Federal Libraries Community Listserv (FLC-CBF-GEN)
    FLC-CBF-GEN is an electronic mailing list for the discussion of issues related to federal government libraries.
  • Federal Library Managers Listserv (FL-MANAGERS-GESTIONNAIRES-BGF-L)
    The FL-MANAGERS-GESTIONNAIRES-BGF-L list is for library managers to discuss issues of common concern. To be added to the list, please contact the FLCS (

Federal Libraries Consortium (FLC)
The Federal Libraries Consortium assists federal libraries to obtain value for money when acquiring library and information products.

  • FL-Consortium-BGF-L
    FL-CONSORTIUM-BGF-L is a closed list used to communicate information about Consortial offers, product demonstrations, etc. to interested federal library staff.

MIDA 2010/004: Multi-Institutional Disposition Authority respecting the disposal of Surplus Publications in Government Institutions
The authority under which departments and agencies may dispose of surplus publications, including terms and conditions under which the authority is granted.

  • Virtual Canadian Book Exchange
    Library and Archives Canada maintains the CBEC-CCEL listserv as an electronic forum to facilitate the exchange of surplus publications among interested libraries.