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Immigration and Citizenship

Immigration Records Column Headings

Front of Form 30A - Type A

Table of Contents

1. Name
2.     Married      Widow       Male        Occupation
       Single       Widower     Female      Intended Occupation
3. Birthplace
4. Religion
5. Object in coming to Canada
6. 	Ever lived in Canada
                    Yes	Address
	Port of previous entry  	Date
	Port of departure		Date
7. Money in possession, belonging to immigrant $
8. Able to read and write
9. By whom was passage paid
10. Destined to
11. Nearest relative in country from whence passenger came
12. If ever in insane asylum, state where and between what dates
13. Ever had tuberculosis or epilepsy
14. If relative ever insane, tubercular or epileptic, give particulars
15. Physical defective