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The Northwest Territories has been part of Canada since July 15, 1870. These lands were acquired from the Hudson's Bay Company and Great Britain.

Large portions were then sliced off to form the provinces of Manitoba (1870), Saskatchewan (1905) and Alberta (1905), as well as the territories of Yukon (1898) and Nunavut (1999). Other parts of the Northwest Territories were appended to Manitoba (1880, 1912), Ontario (1912) and Quebec (1912).

The first white people arrived in the territories around the end of the eighteenth century as a result of the northward expansion of the fur trade, and trading posts were established in the Mackenzie River Valley in the early-nineteenth century.

Researchers interested in ancestors who lived in the Northwest Territories use the main types of genealogical sources.

Territorial Websites


Northwest Territories Archival Network

Northwest Territories Archives

The official provincial government Web site
[] contains useful information about the province and its historic records.

The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
[] allows you to learn more about the history, geography and people of the Northwest Territories.

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