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Genealogy and Family History

How to Begin

Finding Information

Finding information is the nucleus of genealogical research. You will begin with yourself and your own family, talking to relatives and noting details they provide.

Today, most people turn to the Internet first. The Internet is a wonderful tool that just keeps getting better for genealogists. Used appropriately, it can be a great starting place but it is only a start. Vast amounts of information are NOT on the Internet, and you will not find everything you are looking for online.

Libraries and archives are the traditional places of research for genealogists. They hold the books and records that you need. Many libraries also provide access to online tools and databases.

Joining a genealogy society is one of the best ways for the beginner to become acclimatized to the world of genealogical research.

Specialized terms are used in family history and genealogy. Consult the Glossary to find out what they mean.