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Scouting will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2007, a time to pause and reflect on the past, what has changed over the past 100 years and the people involved. Some families have participated in Scouting activities for several generations. What better time than now to introduce Genealogy in the Pack. Cubs in Scouts Canada [] earn a specialty badge and Cubs in l'Association des Scouts du Canada [] (available in French only) earn a new communications badge and certificate.

Stories of adventure, hardship, suffering, bravery and courage will inspire you as you delve deeper into your own personal history. By discovering your ancestors and their personal stories, you gain an understanding about your own life.

EuGENEus [PDF 737 KB], Galactic Genealogical Genius (GGG) will help you complete the requirements for the Genealogy Badge. Research your family history and reveal tales of adventure for yourself!