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Welcome to the Disc-O-Logue Web site. Disc-O-Logue was a catalogue of French-language popular music recordings available in Canada published between 1962 and 1979. This site was developed by Library and Archives Canada (LAC) using the archive acquired from the creator of Disc-O-Logue, Louise Lamothe. Part of the archive, a card catalogue of 90,000 song titles maintained by Madame Lamothe until 1985, has been automated. The resulting database is the heart of this Web site. There is also information on Louise Lamothe and her work as a copyright activist, an interview with Madame Lamothe, a short history and description of Disc-O-Logue, an introduction to the steps involved in creating Disc-O-Logue, a researcher's guide to the contents of the database including searching tips, sample searches, reproductions of album covers representative of recordings included in the database and information on "Best Sellers" of that era.


We wish to thank Jean-François Beaulieu, Guillaume Bergeron, Madeleine Bertrand, Martine Caron, Sylvie Casselman, Carol Clouthier, Jacqueline Cossette, Rena Detlefsen, Hélène Dubois, Stéphane Filion, Richard Green, Susan Haigh, Geneviève Laramée, Geneviève Madore, Timothy Maloney, Line Ménard, Gilles St-Laurent, Jeremy Sills, Louise Tremblay, Margo Wiper. Digital manipulation and coding by Jean-François Beaulieu, Guillaume Bergeron, Rena Detlefsen, Geneviève Laramée, Geneviève Madore, Gilles St-Laurent, Jeremy Sills, Rachelle Chiasson-Taylor and Judy Goodyear. Database implementation by Don Wallace.

This Web site was produced by LAC under contract to the SchoolNet Digital Collections program, Industry Canada

This project was sponsored by Bell Canada through Stentor Alliance.

Disc-O-Logue was produced by Louise Lamothe.