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Digital copy of the 1982 Proclamation of the CONSTITUTION ACT. Text in red and black on white paper, with the arms of Canada at top

The Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982


To mark Canada Day, Library and Archives Canada has put together this site in order to showcase the 1982 proclamation of the Constitution Act.

By 1967, Canada had its own national symbols and possessed all the powers of an independent nation, with one exception: the power to amend its own Constitution, which could only be done by the British Parliament. Repatriating the Constitution was a long and complicated process.

The signing of the proclamation on April 17, 1982, marked the end of efforts by many successive governments. The new Constitution was accompanied by a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and an amending formula that would no longer require an appeal to the British Parliament.

We hope you enjoy this sample of digital images related to the signing of this milestone in Canadian history, governance and political culture.